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    • J W Kingsley

      I Wish All You Runiquians A wonderful Year in 2020 I may not be around much but when there's maybe an hour of relaxation time I will Always Visit Just know you all have made it possible for me to become the man I am today. Runique Is HOME. I Will never leave you for too long I just might need a Longer Break. I Will be online for a little while today! Just to relax its calming to grind some times. 🙂 I have Self Control A Whole Lot Better now. I can Feel it, Literally haha. Anyways I wish you the most Glorious 2020 It can bring 🙂  ❤️  😘  Gonna Continue Grinding For you guys! Like I said everything you do everyday is my motivation I feel you guys keep me Afloat! All I need is our Small Community I know maybe you will grow so big one day and Runique Will be the New Era. Gaming has come so Far. Love you all. Sleep well while I take a break after today ❤️ I will visit again soon! Please Continue to Grow! Make it the biggest RS PS That was ever known. haha Because You guys Deserve it! You Are Great. Thank You Relex, Thank you All the Staff. Thank you Players. You Made ME. 
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    • J W Kingsley

      Well Runiquians 2020 is here! This is gonna be our year. We already are getting some OG's slowly comming back. Im gonna keep promoting us and I will make a youtube introduction for Runique Soon I am still fighting with OBS I need it to look perfect for you guys so sorry for the wait. But I am working on it. Anyways I wish you all the Success and Wealth in this year 2020. From the Kingsley Family to yours, We wish you the best. Love you all! Let's get to work! ❤️🙏
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    • J W Kingsley

      So a short story today. There was once a young man and a father. The son found a rock and showed it to his father. He said "Dad Look at this cool rock I found, how much do you think its worth." The father smiled and told the son to go to several shops but to not say anything expect holding up 2 fingers when they ask how much the rock is, the boy first went to someone on the street. He offered the boy $2. The next place the boy went was a shop that took random items they offered $20. Then the last place the boy went they offered $200. It was an ancient rock shop. The moral of the story is don't think your not worth it. Because each and everyone single one of you is worth Billions. Yeah $1,000,000,000 You just need to find your path just keep searching. You will find Happiness. You will find your purpose. You will Succeed! You Are Amazing! Please never give up. You are the next Leader of this 2020. Love you Runiquains, Stay Happy!
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    • J W Kingsley

      Good Morning everyone! ❤️ 
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    • Ragnar

      Merry Christmas
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