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  2. Only fags kick me out of the discord 

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  4. Tom Delonge

  5. Don Shaun

    Congrats, Andrew 👍 Aether...
  6. Ragnar

    Gzz @Andrew, well deserved 🙂 Sad to see @Aether go, thank you for all your time and dedication
  7. Mock

    holy shit insane gameplay
  8. Last week
  9. SimberJ

  10. Tom Delonge

    what an amazing song
  11. Tom Delonge

    Congrats Andrew! Big F for my boy Aether.
  12. Wu Tang Klan

    Gzzzz Drew! Well deserved Sad to see Aether go
  13. Hello, The following resignations have taken place: @Andrew has been promoted to Senior Moderator. @Aether has resigned from Server Moderator.  We are in need of some more staff so we will be looking out for more potential staff members. If you believe you should be given a chance, feel free to post a server support application here. Best regards, The Runique Administration Team
  14. Chillix

    great idea 👍
  15. Wu Tang Klan

    Currently, both text are in standard colour, making it hard to see when you get keys with full inventory/pvming since candy is way more often. Can we have the key text change to red or some other colour to make it easier to see? Also, candy makes certain skills annoying, and since the chest isn't that great, some people don't want candies anymore. Is it possible to have a toggle to turn them off? Or a toggle that drops them to the ground instead of inventory. Cheers, Wu
  16. Tom Delonge

    similar to the start, limited items need to be rotated, but never any duplicates. more outfits, random cool cosmetics, lots of stuff has been added to osrs and could find its way to the store to spice things up. Someone who plays osrs will prolly tell you.
  17. Hexodious

  18. 70729

    20k to close to other higher valuable items. wouldnt make sense to buy. +1
  19. Wu Tang Klan

    The Kruk Greegree is currently for 20k PVM points in the PVM shop. This I feel is too high for an item used solely for agility and offers 10% boost compared to Ninja Greegree, which is a mere 3k points on ::Store. I suggest changing the price to 7500 points to make it easier to obtain, as far as i know nobody has bothered to buy one in the shop yet.
  20. Deluxe

    What items should be added/removed for a store revamp?
  21. Deluxe

    If this is done then the adjustments might effect other items protecting over the chaotics depending on how much they’re changed to. Looking for more feedback
  22. Nrazzer

    Disagree, they're already obtainable through the ::store and through pvming and skilling.
  23. 70729

    Possible to add Hween keys for PvM shop for lil bit? idk how much it should be tho.
  24. Tom Delonge

  25. Deluxe

    We can run this manually some time soon. anyone got any ideas for the rewards and any side challenges/goals (such as obtaining most pets?)
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