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  2. Hexodious

  3. J W Kingsley

    Great Job guys keep doing awesome you guys are killing it! Love you both! 🙏🏻🤘🏻💪🏻👌🏻😘🥰😍😇❤️
  4. Yesterday
  5. Ragnar

    Thank you, congrats on your promotion as well. Well deserved ❤
  6. Ricky

    Congrats @Ragnar, I knew you could do it! :3
  7. Deluxe

    Hello, The following promotions have taken place: @Ragnar has been promoted to Global Moderator. @Ricky has been promoted to Server Moderator. We are in need of some more staff so we will be looking out for more potential staff members. If you believe you should be given a chance, feel free to post a server support application here. Best regards, The Runique Administration Team
  8. J W Kingsley

  9. Good Morning everyone! I hope you guys had a wonderful day yesterday! Keep it up your energy is amazing and you all are so gifted. You make this the #1 Community in the World. Just keep doing you Runiquians! Have a Blessed Day! 🙂❤️ 










  10. J W Kingsley

    This looks like a very interesting Clan! I wish you the best of happiness with it! ❤️ Great Ideas!!
  11. J W Kingsley

    This is a nice idea 🙂 I will mention it in the next business meeting ❤️ if I am allowed to join it that is xD
  12. 420kingpk

    probably hard to do but just like the npc killcount would be nice to have like loot tracker right under the infos and stuff, so you know what you got from certain monsters
  13. J W Kingsley

    Lol Ricky is cute though he stays 🙂 He is a great SS ❤️
  14. Last week
  15. J W Kingsley

    Once we have more developers we can make things a bit more fancy. Give us a few weeks to get caught up. Tis the Holiday season atm you know? 🙂❤️
  16. Good Afternoon everyone! I hope you guys had a great week last week it was getting pretty busy while I was on vacation so I came home a day early. I Will do my busy to eat and sleep regularly now and take the needed breaks so I don't go MIA again for a few days. I hope you all were okay in that time frame. Keep up your hard work you guys are amazing and you make this community grow so fast! 🙂❤️ 










  17. Don Shaun

    too much coding for deluxe, dont want his brain exploding
  18. oishhh

    1. when you receive a bears task and want to teleport to them we could do with two different options instead of just the one since if you are doing wildy slayer it still tries to teleport you to the ardy bears which don't count. 2. scorpions task - there are no scorpions in the wilderness but there is scorpia not sure if it counts for the task but new players would be running around the wild looking for ages (currently best to block them) maybe we can add scorpions into the pit outside of where scorpia is in 07.
  19. Tom Delonge

  20. It hurts

    1. J W Kingsley

      J W Kingsley

      "hugs Mock" I make it no hurt no more my cutie pie :* 

  21. Such Happy Dayzzzzz Got to see Boatys Cute face and Monnis today on Twitch 🙂 

  22. J W Kingsley

    I have a hand full of 9500 tickets if you would like some the starting bid on them is 1b per 10$ ticket. Only Gold transactions. These are for players who need to rank up and would like to use the ;;yell command in game to say hello and be active etc. As of today at 7:00am I have 10 to give away. You can respond to this post here or join the discord and pop in game and just find me or @J W Kingsley In the discord so i can come online to sell you a 10$ ticket which is 9500 store credits 🙂 Thank you again for all your support for the community and stay tuned for In game fun!!! We are just getting started this week. ❤️ #LoveFamily #MakeYourBusinessSuccessful #TakeCareOfYourPlayers #GiveYourCommunityEverything
  23. J W Kingsley

    ill buy i for a 10$ donated ticket 9500 credits 🙂
  24. Alright back to the books. Something appeared that can't be underestimated or I might not be able to have a relaxing day with my amazing sister and her kids today. I love you all maybe just give me 48 more hours. If that's okay I promise to return home. Safe and With more Family,







  25. J W Kingsley

    You could be our foundation for PvP Maxikins Why don't you come home my love I miss you. ❤️
  26. J W Kingsley

    It must of been overwhelming for him to see us like that... Maybe it was our fault we didn't nurture his talents :3 Maybe one day he will return! ❤️ M9 J4
  27. J W Kingsley

    Time to finish this one @ESPADA @Shaun ❤️🗣️
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