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    Denied. Server dead.
  4. Don Shaun

    no sappert
  5. J W Kingsley

  6. J W Kingsley

    We could do some snooping and i could help you locate them if you want. 🙂 then make a guide if needed lemme know mate. 🙂❤️ 100% support on this
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  8. Phteven S

    Add a map that you can direct in game via ::map so that when you're doing wilderness slayer and get a boss, you can find out where they are. I personally am not 100% sure where all of them are located, and I am sure it would help with newer players, as they won't be too familiar with locations as well. Current map of osrs (if someone can edit out or replace current names/locations, and make it Runique orientated) Old School Map <---- Also, perhaps add the monsters combat level/recommend gear/stats. Just general overall useful when doing slayer 🙂 Seeings to how some bosses are not listed within the slayer menu.
  9. J W Kingsley

  10. Hexodious

  11. Good Morning/Afternoon Runiquains! I hope you're day/afternoon is starting or is going well so far today. I hope you all continue to have the best life you may have, just remember nothing Runique was a #1 RSPS. Once things pick up again which they will. Its still going to be #1. Invest you're time into a community that has lasted years. You may think content is coming out slowly. We understand it gets a bit frustrating but just know once there is a nice chunk of content to be updated it might be better than small things all the time. You have the Best RSPS Community and Team working for you're best interests. Runique has always given the players stability and homes. Invest you're time players see what they have to offer you. Staff is Staff and they continue doing there best efforts for you even when you think they are sleeping. There's a whole lot of Behind the Scenes action and I know as a normal player that may seem strange. No update? No content? Sorry we apologize but just know once there is enough to give you that's going to benefit you players as a whole and be worthy of you're time and commitment. There will always be a home for you here players. Take breaks if you need while we grow to become something that will shock you. Runique is Strong and you a player makes it strong. If you want certain updates please post your thoughts. Please post what you would like added. You're a player and you have a voice don't think because you're contributions may be small because you're one person. The Staff team does think of every option and they discuss it. So please if you have any ideas you would like to share with the community post it here.


















    -Love J W Kingsley

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  13. Tom Delonge

  14. Shockie

    I see both sides of this. Here is my thought on it. If a sprite were added to dzone it should offer no ckeys. Just for the cost of convince. I don't see the point of a nerf to the cost of dust per lamp necessary though. Removing the ckey from that already defeats a good portion of the point. Plus the work has already been put in gathering the dust so that xp is "technically" already in the game I view this as more so a quality of life change to access it with the cost of the no ckey. However, I do like Ricky's idea as well but, I see that as more of a quality of life improvement also. In my personal opinion I think there should be no nerf to something like that resource wise but, a cap on it so it isn't beneficial to people with 1000s of dust preventing them from turning in there but, players who frequent stars don't have to wait for one to spawn near a bank and bank run their dust. In an ideal world I see the mix of both ideas making both sides happy with their trade offs. The sprite in dzone with the nerf of no ckey drops. And the interval idea on the normal sprite with a cap on intervals say up to 60 or 80. That way players who are just after the xp or turning in dust can mass turn in at dzone and the players who are still hunting for it can still go to stars and just have a little bit more convince.
  15. Phenol

    I am not one of those lucky duckers with thousands of dust, but I would support either iteration of this.
  16. Tom Delonge

  17. Good Morning/Afternoon! I know some of you are looking for answered for dc's. Don't worry You have your best Team Working on that. Now I know we lose a little bit of time. But Remember Runique is Eternal. Always Believe in Your Self. Runique will always Guide your progress your accounts. Don't Worry Players. As you see Today is just another Day. Give The Admin's and Their Team A little break while they fix all Issues. You are Safe and Connected. Always Flowing like Runique Flies Through the RSPS Community. We may be small now but remember, No one Forgets your Play Time Players. Your Time is Valuable! We Appreciate it I will continue to sit in the shadows while you all grow. Remember if you want to Help make an Application. Here is the Link to make your Spot! Take your Player Right to Earn your Colors! Blue is the start. Deluxe and Flux have guided all Teams of Teams. Give Runique your Time. Give Runique a Little Push. Give Runique a rest when needed. Code Breaks? Oh lord why but hey 🙂 Who is always with you? Runique is always there when you are fighting your own battles. I fight my own Every Day. Know you can Eat, Sleep, and Function on less if you need too. But take what you Need to Survive. Remember Runique Never Disappears.  Here is your Link now, Have a Beautiful Day Runiquains! 




    Always Smile.


    Always Grind. 


    Always Continue.



    Remember Each and Everyone of You, IS POWERFUL. Make your Mark.


    -Love J W Kingsley

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    2. Mock


      boy pipe your faggot ass down




    3. J W Kingsley

      J W Kingsley

      Remember When Toxic You shall Remain Toxic. 🙂 Don't Worry boy you will learn one day.

    4. Don Shaun

      Don Shaun

      toxic mock!!!!!!!

  18. Ricky

    This or just a way to turn in a stack of dust in x amount intervals rather than needing to run back and forth to grab 20 dust from the bank. Either way no keys for mass lamps is a good idea imo since many players have thousands of dust in their pouches.
  19. Goldfox

    Add a Star Sprite to ::Dzone so all of us with 5k+ dust can turn in our dust. I know this is kind of OP in terms of Crystal keys so I recommend taking away getting crystal keys and maybe the gold ore from it as well and only have it give lamps so the game isn't flooded with like 20+ more hexbows and DWH overnight. Still incentives people going to the ones from the stars to get keys if that is what you are after. Just seems day by day I am getting more and more dust than I am able to spend. I am open to suggestions on maybe nerfing it so it takes 2x the dust or something too. I just know there is probably a lot of people with a lot of dust that would like to get rid of it. I'd rather get less lamps/keys and stuff overall just for an excuse to get rid of all this dust.
  20. Strawhat

    Nice work Simber! That's a solid effort, now what's next?
  21. J W Kingsley

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  24. Just click the thingy on forums next to chat box to join


  25. LOL The Toxic Feelz Nice. 🙂 

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