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  1. 477 GL noobs ez win. 😉
  2. Thanks for the updates guys! Good work.
  3. Damn

    Support for sure!
  4. Thanks for the fixes and updates! Good stuff. Back to resizeable 😄
  5. Damn

    Run Gordannn, it's the police man. Better keepin runnin laps from the police man.
  6. Damn

    Congrats! Sure yous will do great, good to see a couple familiar names 😁
  7. What's up everyone! old name used to be Big L/Big Tiny back in the day. Been a hectic few years for me irl, think Runique was the last rsps I played, jumped on osrs for a while but got over it and went to csgo after a year break with all games but it's damn good to be back! Liam Straya represent I smoke a lot of weed and outside of runique I'm living the carpenter life (99 con irl) If you see me in game come say yo!
  8. Damn

  9. Damn

    Thanks mate, after spending an hour and half trying to find a fix, this is exactly what i needed haha.
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