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  1. Only fags kick me out of the discord 

    1. Don Shaun

      Don Shaun

      its ok ive been muted on it for like 2 months 😢 

    2. M


      Great way to kill the server even more 🤣

    3. Ak1r
  2. M

    Sounds good to a lazy man like me
  3. M

    Oooo wish it would be like back in the days !
  4. M

    Atleast we know why no updates came now thank you !
  5. M

    Yeah the timer is really annoying 10mins is too much 5 would be alright
  6. M

    Skill: Runecrafting Item: Runercafter Robes (Yellow/Blue/Green---Xp Lamps (15-25k xp ea Lamp) Points: Hat-10K,Top/Bottoms 15 or 25k,Gloves 5k. Requirements: 5K Air Runes Crafted. 10K Law Runes Crafted. 15K Blood Runes Crafted. 20K Death Runes Crafted. Xp Lamps: 50 Tasks Done.
  7. Big meow 

  8. M

    +1 this idea is really great !
  9. M

    +1 hella good idea
  10. Skrrt Skrrt

  11. M

  12. M

    +1 annoying to train there rn
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