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  1. Nrazzer

    Disagree, they're already obtainable through the ::store and through pvming and skilling.
  2. Hello guys, decided that you guys should increase my RNG by guessing when I will be getting a Rock Golem since I haven't gotten it yet at lvl 100. The closest one wins a Corrupt SWH and 1k dbones. Guess away. Current amount of runite ore mined: So yeah guess at what ore count I will be getting it for a chance to win.
  3. Nrazzer

    Did you just watch IT part 2? Lmfao On a more related note. Good idea generally I just don't know if lots of time should be spent on designing new items. Maybe take non obtainable existing items and use them instead.
  4. Nrazzer

    You stated yourself you can mine coal though. So it isn't necessary really. I get what you are saying but it doesn't help making it a bigger deal than it really is. But I wouldn't mind it being added to PVM shop for around 5k pts.
  5. Nrazzer

    Thank you for the order Ricky. Hope you enjoy it. Thank you for your order Max. Hope you enjoy the work. I think it came out stunning.
  6. Nrazzer

    I will start working on it now. Will have it done later today. Thank you for your order. Sincerely CEO of Best Signatures and profile pics Runique Forums; Nrazzer
  7. Nrazzer

    Done. Added my own flair to it. Hope you like it. Otherwise send me a pm and we can figure out a solution. Find my in-game for payment.
  8. Nrazzer

    Done, added a scrubby player as well.
  9. Hello, I have decided to start a business of making profile pics and signature pics for people for runique gp. Comment or send me a pm on Discord a photo you want me to make into a signature or profile pic and we can discuss the price. Even just an idea is fine. Everything is hand drawn, so you are 100% sure it will be unique. Down below you will see some of my previous works. Pic 1 and 2 is of myself Picture of a horse
  10. Nrazzer

    I agree with custom donations in the sense you suggested. Regular items that you could donate for. Let's say you buy a bundle of 1000 dbones (Just an example) For $10. No custom made items though. Purely already obtainable and non eco breaking deals with set prices.
  11. Nrazzer

    It shouldn't be removed in general. Although do agree it should either be removed when on task or nerfed so it's maybe 5 minutes.
  12. Nrazzer

    Since quite a few people seem interested in the auctions I host sometimes in yell and other people have started hosting auctions. I thought it would be cool to somehow make an auction house maybe. Could be like the GE in any bank booth but with a new auction tab. Players would have the ability to set up an action for "x" amount of time. Setting a min. price and maybe a BIN (Buy it now). While also being able to set how much each bid should go up by, as a minimum. Wanted to post here to see if there's support for it as it might be a bigger challenge to code. (Maybe not even possible)
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