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  1. Nrazzer

    Since quite a few people seem interested in the auctions I host sometimes in yell and other people have started hosting auctions. I thought it would be cool to somehow make an auction house maybe. Could be like the GE in any bank booth but with a new auction tab. Players would have the ability to set up an action for "x" amount of time. Setting a min. price and maybe a BIN (Buy it now). While also being able to set how much each bid should go up by, as a minimum. Wanted to post here to see if there's support for it as it might be a bigger challenge to code. (Maybe not even possible)
  2. Nrazzer

    I disagree with this. There needs to be a risk to do Zulrah. Just like any other boss there is a risk. You could "get back on your feet" By for example skilling your way back to buy your things back from Zulrah. -Support
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      If were naming things we don't have. 

      The will to live. 

  4. Nrazzer

    Lmao my girlfriend just bought that same pair a week ago haha.
  5. Nrazzer

    Thought it would be fun to make a topic where people could show off their favorite pair of shoes that they own at the moment. Last few years I've been a Adidas type of dude but just copped myself a pair of Nike Tekno's. They're probably the comfiest shoes I've owned in a while.
  6. Nrazzer

    Congrats to everyone and welcome to the new staff members. Deserved promotions.
  7. Nrazzer

    Great guide. Now we might see some more blowpipes in game xd
  8. Nrazzer

    I will address each suggestion from one end to the other. Equipment: - Add the frozen mix to Frost dragons and also add Lava dragons which will have the Vulcanic mix. Attached to the abyssal whip makes the whip slightly stronger (but not surpass the chaotic rapier) * Along with adding Lava dragons, add Extended anti-fire potions and Extended super anti-fire potions (made by using anti-fire (3) with some lava dragon scale dust) +Support for this. Gives more variety and adds something more to grind for. Although droprate should match the strenght of it. - Add prayer bonus to god hide pieces. like saradomin chaps/body etc. +Support, didn't realize this wasn't a thing already Skills: - Suggestion: Prayer Renewal to Herblore, this needs Clean Fellstalk + Morte Myre Fungus (if you want to keep this p2w you could add these ingredients to a shop at ::dzone or ::dskills) Yeah, agree with this. Could also add prayer renewal flasks to the flask store in ::dzone. I don't see why it should be store only item. - Make potions note-able (potions that aren't note-able at the moment) super anti-fire potions for example. +Support, this seems more as a bug - Make slayer more rewarding by adding bonus slayer points every x amount of tasks. **For example 10 tasks is 5 bonus points, 25 is 10 bonus points, 50 is 25 bonus points, 100 is 50 bonus points. Or something in that kind. Both agree and disagree with this. Since you already get bonus pts from doing time tasks and get more the more pts you got stored. But mostly +support - When you have a pet/familiar summoned to boost a skill perhaps make it show in the stats tab. For example Lava titan boosts mining by +10 so instead of 99/99 it says 109/99 ** On top of that, it would be nice if a list could be published on which of the summoning pets have there boosts (from rs3) Think this would be wasted coding time that could be spent on more important content -support Miscellaneous: - Replace GE with a POS Player Owned Shops. Where we can sell multiple items (up to 20-30). Where you can search a player to see his what he has for sale. Where if you search an item you can see who's selling it and for what price. Etc. I like GE more than POS personally -support - Suggestion: Add item history to GE or POS where we can see for how much a item has sold for (past 10 trades ish) +Support but would rather have it being past 12/24/48 hours than amount of sales. - A seperate chat box with Yell -support don't need that in my opinion - Rework timers, dissapear when they run out. Appear when time is going down. Agree fully with this. Just makes the interface nicer. - Make it so boss @ varrock square gives aditional exp on top of server double exp or vote double exp. Right now the boss is quite useless during those times besides just killing it so the other events spawn. +Support otherwise there's no reason to kill it when it's dxp. Same with voting xp (Maybe only give 0,5x more) - Allow us to trade our own accounts while multi-logged in. Right now we have to transfer our items through Server Supports which is a waste of there time in my opinion. -Support this makes it easier for hackers to transfer items if they hack an account. Takes a few seconds for a staff member to help out. - Make the client save any preferences that are made. For example the gameplay settings don't save if you close the client. I believe this is already happening? Atleast my settings are saved. Vote: - Make votes stack while server Double exp is On, there are 2 ways to do this. +Support like said earlier - Make votes stack up in inventory so it only takes 1 spot in inventory. +Support Ceo/Devs: - Add a beta client for future updates, as little as they are it's good to have beta testers. People who all look at a subject at a different approuch. This also takes away a bit of work for the devs who could spend that time on the next subject. This will also most likely prevent the chance of a future update leading into people losing there items or adding possible dupes. **Along with this use Trello to keep staff and Beta testers up to date about future updates/updates that are being worked on. -Support, have seen beta participants use their knowledge to buy out certain items in game when they knew they would go up in price.
  9. Nrazzer

    Supporting this suggestion
  10. Nrazzer

    Hit up my IG bois @Niklasrasmussen11 for shitty content with a self centered prick.
  11. Nrazzer

    Just got done with my 2nd semester of uni. Studying logistics, plan to work in the shipping industry when I am done with my education. Been my dream for quite some years.
  12. Nrazzer

    I've got a few, hopefully gonna start on a back piece soon. From oldest to newest tattoo. Only thing is affording it. Planning on getting a untraditional sleeve on my arms as well, with tattoos different places but not filled out the space inbetween, really like how that looks. But yeah got chest, right underarm and right backside of upper arm tattooed.
  13. Nrazzer

    Great job Relex. Really getting on the bug fixing. And thank you for the new features. Your work doesn't go unnoticed.
  14. Nrazzer

    Congrats to all the new members of the team. You've earned it.
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