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  1. King Gf

    Seems easy to implent and useful. +1
  2. Nice updates, thanks!
  3. King Gf

    Nice guide Pkelove!
  4. King Gf

    Welcome back lad!
  5. King Gf

    Make it so you can store more than 100 items per bank tab, I have a pretty big skilling tab and now there are just random skilling items mixed in with my other tabs. I don't see why not?
  6. King Gf

    Support for all, great one lad
  7. King Gf

    +1 for the placeholders, I'm going crazy with my bank.
  8. King Gf

    Username: King Gf Time zone: GMT +1 Hours you're most available: 2 PM - 4 AM Everyday
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