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  1. Threesheet

    All three of you have done me so dirty. However im proud of you Anya. You stood up for gang ❤️
  2. Threesheet

  3. Threesheet

    Air force one is the best shoe ever made. However i love the Yeezy 700 vanta
  4. i would like to appeal my chatbox ban please. 

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    2. Jorge win

      Jorge win

      i dont know if my opinion counts but im against it

    3. Brava


      Where can i appeal about my ban ?

    4. Don Shaun

      Don Shaun

      up your ass you spastic 

  5. Threesheet

    Listen were trying to run a CRB check right now so come on answer up
  6. Threesheet

    120% support this! good job
  7. Threesheet

    This is a excellent put together thread and i support this 120%
  8. Threesheet

    That is generally how loans work. The company hopes the poor soul doesn't meet repayments. Doesn't make it a scam though.
  9. Threesheet

    I'm giving out money. I dont see how that can be a scam.
  10. Threesheet

    Hey buddy. With a 10m deposit. I can give you a 100m mortgage. We can arrange daily payments of 20m. Untill the sum of 130m is reached.
  11. Threesheet

    Have you had a loan, credit card or mortgage before 2012? You could be due a large payout. This is 120% serious.
  12. Threesheet

    I look forward to working with you. Please pm "Assphucker" In game to make your payment.
  13. Threesheet

    Please read the small print.
  14. Threesheet

    Runique Loans & Claims Loans Do you lust for expensive items? Do you watch rich players strut around and get jealous? Well your in luck. Runique Loans & Claims is just what you need. How does it work? Its very simple! You fill out the below form. And repay double off what you Loaned. (Maximum Loan term 1 week) form What is your play time? (This will act as your Credit score: This will dictate what type of loans you can get) Have you ever been muted or banned before?: What is your in game name: What Loans can i get? (Green = in stock, Red = out of stock) 10M cash 20m cash 30m cash 40m cash 50m cash 100M 200M 250M 500M 1B 5B Want to get involved? We are currently looking for investors. Its very simple! One time fee of 30m and Runique Loans & Claims will broker your deals without taking a %! Small print There is a 10% deposit required. Late repayment will result in additional 5m fee per day. 1 Week without contact or payment will result in your details being sold. Coming soon! Ever been unfairly Muted/Banned/Kicked/Warned. Felt personally attacked? And like there was 0 you could do about it? Well know you can. Coming soon. We will work to secure you a a compensation fee. No win no fee. We will take 65% of your fee. AssPhucker Moss Side M12 deg
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