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  1. Ak1r

    summoning also converts dropped charms into summoning xp alledgedly, neven't tried it myself
  2. Ak1r

    Runecrafting cape - Double runes crafted Mining cape - Gives +1 star dust every time a fallen star is mined Firemaking cape - Gives +1 root chipping every time a evil tree is lit Woodcutting cape - Gives +1 root chipping every time a evil tree is chopped Smithing cape - Makes every smithing action 1 tick faster I thought farming cape had an effect as well but not sure.
  3. Ak1r

    Just removing half of the bm store certainly won't encourage any more players to pk.. Rather suggest some items to add, and maybe take out some items yes, but be more specific. Maybe lowering/changing some of the requirements to buy certain of items instead, so that they are actually buyable..
  4. Ak1r

    Make a suggestion of which items to remove, and which items to add rather than just saying some stuff shouldn't be there
  5. Ak1r

    These are already in the Bone chest (Separate chest for H'ween). Do we still want these added to the H'ween chest aswell? It's better to keep them in separate chests, as long as the Bone chest is available along with the H'ween chest.
  6. Ak1r

    -Move doomcore staff to very rare tier -Move 3rd age pickaxe to very rare tier -Move team cape i and x to rare tier -Move bonesack to rare tier -Remove pet wildywyrm, already drops from wildywyrm -Remove shadow abyssal whip, already dropped from wilderness chest, level 50 -Remove dragon javelins, replace with 25x frost dragon bones. -Add grim reaper hood to uncommon tier -Add draconic abyssal whip to very rare tier -Add witch or warlock cosmetic sets to uncommon tier -Add some sort of pumpkin headwear or similar if possible, rare tier (https://runescape.fandom.com/wiki/Jack_lantern_mask) -Add scythe to very rare tier (regular one) -Add ghostbuster 500, 1 type, rare tier -Add Eek, handheld pet, rare tier (https://runescape.fandom.com/wiki/Eek) -Add web cloak, very rare tier (https://runescape.fandom.com/wiki/Web_cloak) -Add handheld frying pan, rare tier -Add antique lamp (100k) to rare tier
  7. Ak1r

    So what you're saying is that you want a chest with nothing but cosmetics? If that's the case, there would have to be a lot of them in order to fill the common and uncommon tiers, and then these cosmetics would probably end up as items that everyone has, and then no one are interested in buying these items, and therefore becoming obsolete. However people are always interested in supplies, since they are constantly used. So IMO it would be better with some supplies in the common and uncommon tiers.
  8. Ak1r

    Wag1, So there has been alot of discussion about the chests which Runique has previously had. Because of this, it is only fair for the community to vote on whether or not you want to have a h'ween chest this year. If it passes, people are welcome to suggest which items it should contain.
  9. Ak1r

    Hey, so as of right now, per ape atoll lap you get around 1,1 - 1,2 points per lap. Considering the price of the rewards this seems kind of unbalanced. 50k agility xp costs 1500 (!) points, which it would take around 1200 laps to accumulate. At that point 50k xp is fairly irrelevant compared to the amount of xp you would get from the laps themselves. The price for the agile pieces is fine, at 500 each. So my suggestion is to simply reduce the cost of the xp lamps to around 50 points each. And before you think "wtf no that's way too low", take into account that you would then get 50k bonus xp after running ~45 course laps. Any and all input welcome
  10. Title says it all, saved cystal keys for some time and decided to use them. Here is what I got.
  11. Ak1r

    1: Agreed, I always click it, then i remember it doesn't work here, i'm all for it. 2: Support. F1 does currently take you to inventory, but would like to see the ability to customize. 3: You can toggle this feature at the Time Sage NPC at ::home. It displays as a countdown in a tiny window in the "game" part of your screen. 4: This does work atm. Displays current, next level amount as well as remainder for next level. 5: I don't really see a point in wasting time on this.
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