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    Changed my mind
  3. Max

  4. Max

    Get This OUT of UNCOMMON
  5. Max

    1x Grim reaper pet (super rare) Make a wearable Pumpkin (weapon slot) Jack O' lantern mask (super rare) Scythes (super rare)
  6. Max

    I'll make this quick n short. Rework the teleportation interface, it feels outdated. Love any feedback 😛
  7. Max

    As I've suggested to Deluxe, Add: Grim Reaper Jr (Rare AF - 1/10k Keys) Skeleton Set items (I think they were alr there) Add a new "Death Cape" (1/10k Keys) (Purely cosmetic + Tradeable) http://prntscr.com/pdng0j
  8. Max

    I like the idea, but I'd prefer they add them to a chest (ex. Halloween chest) BUT create a minigame with pennywise and what not. That makes players participate in a 1 time reward (ex. Pennywise balloon + outfit) or something similar. Possibly something along the lines of (collect the souls 150 -enter npc here-) and that rolls a reward out of the entire outfit/random table after you bring the jar back to Pennywise.
  9. Max

    AFAIR, The Occult has always been stronger on here than the Arcane stream, so no support. Buffing this I agree with, it's worse than a Zaryte bow atm. Add things in the bank like OSRS has The withdraw quanity - (1, 5, 10, X) per click.
  10. Max

    This is on OSRS aswell, if you drink it on :34, it'll boost ur stats and will drop a level in 34 seconds. That's what I noticed. Personally, I support this cause 1 person in Void w/ Zammy whip has no chance of losing since he out dps's anything that isn't a blowpipe.
  11. Max

    I'd say also add EVERY NPC that's in OSRS/or was in Pre-Eoc, Example: Edgeville Dungeon wilderness spot, add earth warriors, black demons, etc... (From what I recall, they're not there), elder chaos druids, chaos fanatic.
  12. Max

  13. Max

    Golfers use an estimated $800 million worth of golf balls annually.
  14. Max

    Another Useless Fact! More Monopoly money is printed each year than real U.S. currency.
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