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  1. Max

    Thanks for clearing this up! Hope to see what the new Dev brings to Runique in the long run! :)
  2. Max

    Damn, that's a shame. Thanks for your time fellas! Best of luck with whatever else you're doing! :)
  3. Max

    Support tbh.
  4. Max

    Get back to GRINDING that Barrows my man ^^ SUPPORT
  5. Max

    Glad I can help, best of luck to anyone participating!!! :)
  6. Max

    None at all have sold, no one sells theirs from Vote Ticks, or anything, Daeyalt ore respawn timer makes it not worth mining sadly..
  7. Max

    Heya, I've been trying to buy Mboxes for the past ~month, give or take a week. I've noticed that they're practically impossible to find, (At one point I tried paying 5m EA) I wanted to suggest to add them to PVP/PVM shops... PVP shop - 2-4 BM each (The same price they were prior to the BM update) PVM Shop - TBD (Not sure how hard PVM points are to get.
  8. Max

    The people banned for this had multiple warnings over a span of a few hours. So it really wasn't over the top.
  9. Max

    Make it let you click through your familiar, rather than actually click it, make it a right click option, the left click option being 'WALK HERE'.
  10. Max

    Didn't Tom just suggest this?
  11. Max

    No support to this either lol.
  12. Max

    The reason for PVP Requirements is so you get the items the way they're intended to be recieved by PKing not pvming, hence the requirements. And yes, I know a lot of people wait for me to get off lul.
  13. Max

    Sounds like a good idea tbh.
  14. Max

    Well, I support it and dont. I support it for the reason that i myself have made this mistake, after forgetting i have an account afking in the wilderness, or a simple missclick. I dont support this because, the people who got banned for doing so did it multiple times in the span of 20 mins - 5 hours from what I remember. Once in a while, its understandable, but multiple times is just being careless therefore deserving of a punishment. So yeah.
  15. Max

    1. Support 2. No support, we have a looting bag for the wilderness, and having a bag that holds even more bones (in or out the wilderness) would just be OP.
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