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  1. Support, gilded poh altar should count towards the task.
  2. Exivel

    What exactly do you mean with that? Please be a bit more specific when suggesting something.
  3. I don't like the primal armor as a reward but the others are a great idea! Support.
  4. Thank you for the update. Looking forward to more!
  5. Exivel

    You can use a rune crossbow with barely any difference, you buy it back for 20k. Where is the risk? Its too expensive for chaotics. Its cheaper to buy a new one than paying for it at the priest.
  6. Exivel

    Support. the price for chaotic weapons is very high. anywhere between 10 to 50m seems better.
  7. Exivel

    Hi there, @70729 I'm not sure what the actual cause is, I just voted and it worked fine for me. I'd suggest to delete your brower cookies/cache, or try to vote on a different webbrowser. If you vote and try to log in afterwards, it should show your votes as 'voted' since you didn't claim them to a username yet, I have no clue why it's different for you, hence why i suggest using a different internet browser and seeing how that goes Let me know if it helped. Regards, Exivel
  8. Okay, well let me start by saying this is very well thought out and the fact that you give a solution instead of just complaining about an issue is great as well. While not all of it is correct and true, some stuff that you mention is great. I'm not going to give feedback or support on the donations & advertising stuff since i'm not really up to date. Staff We do have a discord group where we communicate to relex with feedback. The weekly meetings you're suggesting are hard because most of us are in different timezones. This means there can always be a staff member online, but it's hard to get everyone together, especially if you include school/work. We do communicate a lot so that isn't really an issue. I would really like to see events. This has been mentioned by other players as well. they should figure out a way to include this into our staff duties, I fully support that. There are tank events already being hosted once in a while, but there are currently only 2 mods that can do that. there will probably be more in the future, this simply takes time. It should be possible to host a weekly pk event, or some skilling events where players can sign up and get the most exp possible in a certain skill., first one to get a skilling pet or boss events where you have to get a specific item drop. The rewards could be title's, credit ticket's, a special pet for winners or something, there is lots of stuff that could be given away. The rewards are the problem. we can easily create a forum topic with that stuff but we can't give out rewards like that. This is something that should be properly discussed with Deluxe to find a possible way we can host those events without their involvement. Hope this answered some of your questions and gave you a better view of the situation.
  9. Exivel

    Fantastic! Thank you for your hard work.
  10. Exivel

    /Support for all of them. The extra resource is more annoying than it is useful in my opinion.
  11. Exivel

    Seems nice! Support except for the exp lamps like runique mentioned above. The amount of magic seeds you get from the boxes will ruin their price tho, its a great money maker for newer players. Why dont we mix it up with a couple of magic seeds, yew seeds and maple seeds? Big suppply box: The mahogany logs would give you around 800k con exp on immo, while the magic seeds would get you like 7m farm exp (no dxp). Might want to balance it out a bit.
  12. Exivel

    Would be nice to have! Support. Magic is pretty weak so it can use a small boost.
  13. Exivel

    [.spoiler] Text [/spoiler] Sick bank & very nice progress!
  14. Exivel

    Ok, Let me go over them and give my opinion. 1. HP Regen - Great idea 2. I actually love the home design, its typical to Runique and shouldn't be changed in my opinion. but that's personal preference I suppose 3. remove useless npc's? server will just feel empty, There are not enough cave crawlers when slayer them with 2 people, removing them would cause issues. 4. Shooting star works fine, you can bank the stardust and trade it in with the max amount for an exp lamp etc. 5.Noted logs? Eh I don't know, I suppose this one is alright 6.Some interfaces could be improved. 7. World map? I don't think people would use it, they can just google it anyway. 8. Support, fixing the 120 capes would be nice as well. 9. No point. 10. I don't like it, it's fine as it is right now. 11.No. hunter is already easy with puro puro, who enjoys catching chins? 12. Yes. 13. No. 14. Summoning pouches lighting up would be fantastic, not sure what you mean with the second thing. 15.But why?... 16. I mean, a book seems a bit weird, nobody would read it. There are plenty of guides on the forums that explain every skill. 17. Yea it's being used a lot ^.^ 18. Sure, but for what could it be used? staff zone is above the g/e so it kind of has a purpose. 19. Support, but not as easy as it looks, there are already a couple of gold sinks. 20.Nah, I don't see the point. 21. I don't know, could be good or bad. 22. Support 23. They tried that and it didn't work out so well. 24. Could be done. 25. Staff members would forget it and it would be the same message every day, I don't see the point in this one. 26.No support, there is no point. they're just teleported to staffzone instead. 27.Nex is in wild, but in gwd as well, it's just a second, more dangerous place to kill him.
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