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  1. Zetherin

    I wouldn't mind that. +1 I do think pker is generally used by people with other accounts and they just transfer money or items over. At least that is what I have heard
  2. Zetherin

    Question: Does 10mil risk mean 10mil + 3 safe items or just basically 1 item worth 10mil? (If it is just 1 item then it can be kept on death and there is really no risk)
  3. Zetherin

    Smart man 😉 Trying to get people in the wildy.
  4. Zetherin

    So get rid of Armadyl shards? I feel like both make it easy.
  5. Zetherin

    I kinda of see these tickets as being the same as Armadyl shards... I think they could be tradeable if the correct base xp was found. It would not be that OP as some of you think.
  6. Zetherin

    how much
  7. Zetherin

    Naming the pet? HELL YEA. I think that could be a really good addition. +1 support from me
  8. Zetherin

    Congratulations to all! Thanks for keeping the server in good shape 🙂
  9. Zetherin

    I do not see the need. Make money like every other account. No support.
  10. Zetherin

    Woah nice. That thing probably hits like a truck
  11. Zetherin

    Well ladies and gentlemen, this is one way to find a virgin. Jk don't pk me pls Good luck, friend.
  12. Zetherin

    woah 0 donated
  13. Zetherin

    ah so just battle royale?
  14. Zetherin

    Can't wait to start building oak walls and mahogany stairs? lol
  15. Anyone have any goals for this dxp weekend? I am aiming for 2k total... at 1600 now. Oof

    1. Izay


      98-99 mining 😞 

    2. Hexodious


      Izay is on Grand Master game mode

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