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  1. Connor

    congrats to both well deserved!
  2. farmer not giving useless seeds is sleeper tier. nice updates
  3. Connor

    Congrats Ragnar! Sorry to see Pkelove go, thanks for your time and dedication.
  4. Connor

    Like them all, but I very much like the GE history one.
  5. Connor

    I like this idea.
  6. Connor

    A lot of good ideas in here, thanks Shaun. Support.
  7. Connor

    I think this is a nice suggestion, but probably not realistic. For starters, I don't think it's fair to expect staff to solely inform players of the price of items, especially right now when things are so up and down. We are server supports yes, and we support the server, but we also play Runique as well. Having such a monotonous responsibility the whole time you're logged on could easily turn people off from applying for staff positions. As it stands we do our best to know prices and respond when asked, but honestly a lot of times players also know the prices of items so we shouldn't discredit them. On paper staff should know everything of course, but in reality it isn't always the case and things can slip through the cracks. Don't be afraid of your fellow player. I'd like to touch on this point as well - staff also refer to the price list made by members of the community and for the most part everything is correct. It doesn't really matter who makes what thread, Deluxe will remove it if it becomes an sort of abuse ie manipulating prices to fit their own narrative. As it stands, maybe you don't like the specific people or group who made that thread, but it's not too far off of the price of items and it's simple semantics regarding the creator of the thread. Anyone can contribute, it's not an exclusive thing that staff must price all of the items. I get that you'd like prices to be known and available as we all would, but just having someone stay logged on to answers everyones PC is a little... too much? There are plenty of avenues available to find out the price of an item, a dedicate staff member(s) I don't think is the proper method. The price guide does need some changes, as hardly any of it is filled out so that is something that can be worked on. I appreciate the suggestion but I personally do not find it necessary. No support.
  8. Connor

    Good to see you again Chief, glad you're back ❤️
  9. Connor

    Congrats to all of the promotions! Well done ❤️
  10. Connor

    Looks great, would definitely like a copy of this. Good luck!
  11. Awesome job Shaun! That is amazing! Great job to Sam as well, you both rock.
  12. Connor

    Congrats to all of the promotions and thank you for the opportunity! ❤️
  13. Connor

    Congrats everyone, well deserved! 🙂
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