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  1. Deluxe

    What items should be added/removed for a store revamp?
  2. Deluxe

    If this is done then the adjustments might effect other items protecting over the chaotics depending on how much they’re changed to. Looking for more feedback
  3. Deluxe

    We can run this manually some time soon. anyone got any ideas for the rewards and any side challenges/goals (such as obtaining most pets?)
  4. Deluxe

    Problem is that we'd need to get the models and replace existing models, that's why I didn't try to get this in for the recent update. It's whats caused the graphical issues around the map (such as at al kharid and the firemaking area) so not really keen on it unless its wanted by a large majority
  5. Deluxe

    Added under Mystery section
  6. What rewards do you have in mind? Could you also post the gear setups and we'll wait for further feedback whether its what players want to see
  7. Deluxe

    Done These are already in the Bone chest (Separate chest for H'ween). Do we still want these added to the H'ween chest aswell? Obtained from searching the spider nests around the map
  8. Deluxe

    Done for 5K
  9. Deluxe

    I've reduced it to 500 points for the next patch. We'll see whether it needs a further reductions after the patch.
  10. Deluxe

    Seems to have been an error in code when it was added. Should be good for next patch
  11. Deluxe

    Based on the votes we'll look to add in the H'ween chest again. The following items are what had been the previous H'ween chest rewards but I'm looking for any specific suggestions as to what items should be changed:
  12. Deluxe

    What would we be doing specifically? Just removing those items you’ve mentioned or replacing them with other items (if so, which ones would you suggest and for how many points)?
  13. Deluxe

    Adjustments made for the next update
  14. Deluxe

    Certain adjustments have been made for the next update
  15. Should be in the next update
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