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    Do you mean the collection log?
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    Hello, The following promotions have taken place: @Ragnar has been promoted to Global Moderator. @Ricky has been promoted to Server Moderator. We are in need of some more staff so we will be looking out for more potential staff members. If you believe you should be given a chance, feel free to post a server support application here. Best regards, The Runique Administration Team
  4. Hi all, The following changes have been made with tonights update: Enabled the "Queasy Rudolph" and "Melvin's Cat" quests. These will be enabled for the duration of this month. Enabled the Christmas Diversion. Jack Frost and his minions will appear every 30 minutes. Participants will receive DXP and a Candy cane which has an AGS & Dragon Claws special attack. Added Christmas crates at Edgeville and Varrock. These can be opened using Christmas keys for rewards (see below). Christmas keys will now be rewarded when skilling, during agility, pvming or when completing slayer assignments. Alternatively, they can be purchased from the ;;store for 850 credits. Fixing DC issue with snowball challenging. Fixing a visual bug when you ran out of snowballs and it would bug the equipment tab. Using the Makeover mage will no longer reset your custom skin colour as it seemed to be something done unintentionally by players. Added an additional dialogue to Makeover mage for players to reset their custom skin. Christmas Box Rewards:
  5. Hi all, Small update for things I worked on today which consists of the following: Ironmen will now be able to receive 20% additional exp while inside the Wilderness resource area. They will however keep the restriction of not being able to benefit from the exp boost from brawler gloves. Attempt to fix an issue where rollbacks would sometimes occur leading to items lost on GE while restarting/updating the server. Fixed an issue where you would be able to drink a dose of overdose while an existing overload effect still had a minute remaining until it was to wear off. Ardougne cloaks will no longer cost additional achievement points. Note that you will still be required to complete achievements in order to unlock/purchase them. Reverted the merge that was done with Pikkupstix's shops as certain items in his shop kept getting bugged randomly. Fixed the "Account recovery" section not redirecting to the correct link. Enabled the Discord Trivia bot which we previously had. For those unfamiliar: A trivia message is sent every 15-60 minutes in the #trivia channel on Discord You can answer the trivia question by using ;;trivia [answer] The first player to answer with the correct answer will receive a reward (see list below) and a trivia point Trivia points can be spent on titles by using ;;trivia-title If anyone has any questions they'd like to see added to the trivia, do create suggestion threads and we'll be sure to add them Discord trivia rewards with the chance of receiving it:
  6. forgot my game pin posted what i could for proof of account if you get a chance could you please check General support page


    1. Deluxe


      Responded to your discord dm

  7. Hello just woundering if I could buy donator status with 10$ paysafe card?

    1. Deluxe


      Sorry but we only take paypal or osrs gp as an alternative to paypal

  8. Hey all, Few updates from things I've done over the last few days: Removed the H'ween boxes as there was enough time given for players to use their keys. Removed certain Woodcutting and Mining skilling tasks where they required equipment to be used for the task (such as the Inferno adze for mining essence and woodcutting magic trees). Removing the Mining level cut off for the Essence mining skilling task (may be adjusted again for balancing in the future). Added Woodcutting skilling tasks for Teak and Mahogany trees. Added Teak logs to Firemaking skilling tasks. Increased the amount of points given for Coal, Gold, Mithril, Adamantite and Runite mining skilling tasks based on feedback. Added an "Auto-note Weeds" option to the Leprechaun, allowing players to receive noted weeds when raking patches for a cost of 25M coins. Runite rocks will now last slightly longer before depleting. Fixed issue with the Yanille piano house clue scroll not being completable. Fixed issue with the Falador house clue door not allowing people to enter. Added an additional "Did you know?" announcement "A starter guide + FAQ's can be viewed on ::topic 500". The Discord bot will now notify staff of any help requests sent while there are no staff logged in.
  9. Deluxe

    Found this to be better off as a buyable perk from the Leprechaun, like we currently have the perk with automatically noting herbs on harvest. Added this perk for the next update.
  10. Deluxe

    Added for the next update
  11. Hello, The following promotion and resignations have taken place: @Ricky has been promoted to Server Support. @Exivel has resigned from Server Support. @Rhax has resigned from Server Support. We thank them both for the time and effort that they put in while they were staff members and wish them the best of luck in their future endeavours. We are in need of some more staff so we will be looking out for more potential staff members. If you believe you should be given a chance, feel free to post a server support application here. Best regards, The Runique Administration Team
  12. Deluxe

    Yes because forums are always active right?
  13. Deluxe

    Majority don't play Runique to pvp. To get others to even want to try out pvp activities putting in items that they might need (such as the supplies) could give them the incentive to actually try it
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