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  1. Ahmad Telur

    That dwh and hex 🤓
  2. Ahmad Telur

    Add an elite achivement for resetting mastered prestiged skills
  3. Ahmad Telur

    If i win anything, can i exchange em for your nudes? 56
  4. Ahmad Telur

    Clearly I'm not gonna win this hns, but I'll exchange em for my nudes. Good luck to everyone who participated!!
  5. Finally, new Crafting task reward. Very nice 💯
  6. Ahmad Telur

    Nice guide daddy
  7. Ahmad Telur

    Much elegance
  8. Ahmad Telur

    Just got home after a long day at work
  9. Ahmad Telur

    That bone looks juicy
  10. Ahmad Telur

    Even that I'm not a pvmer, but I'm always up for new content. +1
  11. Ahmad Telur

    Finally, u got it wu. Congrats dad!
  13. Ahmad Telur

    Welcome back! Have fun grinding
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