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  1. Soulcist

    I'm an assistant department manager for the retail store - Kroger, been there for almost six years and moved from the bottom to where I'm at now. I've been offered more than four stores for my district (which is about 20-30 stores a district depending on location) but refused because of wanting to go into military and police department later on.
  2. Soulcist

    Awesome work everyone, and congratulations to the first round of server moderators.
  3. Soulcist

    I don't see why not either unless there some sort of restriction for a reason. Having more bank space is obviously always a plus.
  4. Soulcist

    Awesome work!
  5. Soulcist

    Some familiar names indeed... congrats on the promotions!
  6. Soulcist

    I guess so...? I don't see the harm in it.
  7. Soulcist

  8. Soulcist

    Lol... this gives me a little hope I suppose.
  9. Soulcist

    Thanks for the update, saw a lot of people complaining about the disconnections so I'm glad you were able to address it quickly. Good job!
  10. Soulcist

    The name is James, I'm 23 (tax baby), love music (metal, rock, classical, opera, little rap, etc.), and currently working towards getting into the military later year along with the police department after I come back from basic. Have a slight obsession with polar bears - absolutely love them, and I've committed a bit of time in trying to help them when I can such as adopting one and keeping tabs on his progress! A wonderful species to try to keep alive I'd say. Have another obsession with the darker side of things like horror (literature, movies, artwork, etc.) so you may see me share a few things VIA my profile or something along those lines! You're welcome to also suggest any kind of movie, I will always try to get to it. Been with RSPS for a little over 16 years and have managed to do quite a bit in that timeframe of course. And to just note for you guys, this will be my first RSPS that I've decided to try that is over the 317 revision. While I have played others before, I've not really ever decided to log in and really and truly play it plus stick around. They had never really interested me until I had finally gotten into RuneScape (as far as EOC goes). Other than that, there's not much else to say. Looking forward to see you guys around.
  11. Soulcist

    Definitely going to take a little while but the grind is worth it given what the benefits are. Good luck!
  12. Soulcist

    Congratulations to the first round of people, wish you all the best!
  13. Soulcist

    Awesome work!
  14. Soulcist

    Glad to hear it and extremely excited to see it back.
  15. Soulcist

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