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  1. Brew-ski

    This was posted during the post beta period where you had a month to fix the game before release. It was aimed more to resolve the previous issues runique had. Instead you guys chose to release the same exact game with the same problems. Also the "removing" is fixing problems from 2015 when you coded it. This is exactly why i haven't played seriously, cause even with the community and seeing old friends this server refuses to fix the previous problems it had before. Cya.
  2. Brew-ski

    Honestly having the cool down is pointless cause people would have multiple accounts that they could change on. Would be much better for people to have to have alts with varying combat levels.
  3. Brew-ski

    Remove all the required items from skilling tasks. I say this cause 90% of the woodcutting tasks are special items or player farmed trees. All the required items overwhelm getting the xxx amount which is what the tasks should really be. It should just be chop/mine/craft xxx amount. Amounts for mining/wcing should be 250-500 Mining tasks for ores gold, coal, iron, addy, runite need increased points for rewards. 221 mithirl ore takes ages for 250 mining points. should be 500ish points in my opinion. This would also resolve people only doing essence for mining tasks for rewards. Essence is 229 essence for 250 mining points legit takes zero time to do. Idk just my thoughts.
  4. Brew-ski

    I mean chosing gm is choosing that x2 rate, prestige kinds goes against the x2 game mode, and instead makes you x5. That whole concept doesn't really make sense for the gamemode seeing your commiting to a x2 rate when you make the account.
  5. Brew-ski

    Well if people don't like that i think reg iron should be at least x10 x25 is annoying seeing hci will go from x5 to x25 is silly.
  6. Brew-ski

    In-game suggestions Make ironman modes able to choose xp rate from x2(gm)-x25(reg iron) Remove hci +1 drop rate. You can get bonus drop rate from row already modes don't need increased rates Fix uim/hci modes to be true to osrs (uim no delete everything on death except to pvp death, hci one life no delete bank on death.) Greatly reduce money per skilling action (if this is still a thing). This can get changed in the future, but when the game releases if it was how runique used to be then there were be a influx of gold without items in the eco. Make sure trident works properly, along with having osrs slayer cave kraken and osrs kraken boss drop them. Demonic gorillas moved from wild, mentioned this in the channel yesterday. add Demonic scrolls to drop from black demons. Add shamans location to drop dwh, slayer cave should also get added for task only trips. If skilling tasks got transferred from original runique add proper sets to the correct skill. Make sure dragon pick is dropped as the osrs dragon pick not the rs3 dragon pick. You couldn't use smoldering stone on rs3 dpick to make infernal pick. Tbh i think the prestige system shouldn't be readded, you should just be able to continue from 99 to 120. partial mastery capes can be unlocked at lvl 120, full cape benefits can be 200m Maybe don't make instance scrolls accessible right away on release. By instances I mean the tp scrolls for rapier boss, bandos, etc not like zulrah, kraken vork. Over time seeing the playbase they can get added back. Add acb to sara, make sure sara is a do-able boss. Can't remember how op sara was, but i remember no one really did that task/boss. Forum suggestions Create a first unique boss drop thread. Community members would be able to reply with proof of non donated boss drops. Create first skilling pet thread. This is all I really can think of atm. My memory is a little bad for some of the old runique stuff, so if I'm wrong about something plz no flame.
  7. Brew-ski

    Or just take away the +1 drop
  8. Brew-ski

    Agreed with the hci stuff. Might aswell fix uim too. The runique uim your entire inventory would get deleted if you died at all. It should drop to the ground. So you could regain items. Would be nice to choose your xp rate on the ironman modes too. Playing x25 reg iron seems silly. Being able to chosoe x1 to x25 makes more sense. Would make highscores easier to do too with all highscores reflecting x1 exp. I doubt group ironman would be possible before release, but should be priority goal. Would bring groups of people back vs just solos.
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