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  1. J W, you're a good guy and this server doesn't deserve the effort you're putting in. Focus it on something that will matter, because the re-release of a broken Runique was an outright cash grab.
  2. Kadachi

    An explanation post is always nice to see. Hope the new dev also works on some of the bugs.
  3. Kadachi

  4. Kadachi

    Raven!? Welcome back to Runique.
  5. Kadachi

    Ngl, this is already a pretty nice bank. Gj.
  6. Kadachi

    Great suggestion - I like the icons you've picked out too. Full support!
  7. Kadachi

  8. Kadachi

    Just seeing this now. This is a really well made guide, gj Ryan. :)
  9. Kadachi

  10. Kadachi

    Not sure why anyone would be mad at you for suggesting this. It's perfectly reasonable and more than likely a thought that has crossed the minds of many others. Anyway, I support everything you've listed in bullet points. However, I am not fond of modifying drop rates. I think that's something that should be done as a last resort, when it's glaringly obvious that the drop rate being too low on an item is affecting the economy. In this case, I think it's difficult to say that it's "glaringly obvious" because the economy is currently undeveloped; prices on most items are subject to change on a daily basis. I just don't believe we have enough information to confidently say that drop rates should be raised. I take your point on how the "grindy" feel detracts the group of players that prefer an effortless gameplay, but that thought is a double edged sword - lots of players, such as myself, actually enjoy the grind and difficulty, so making it easier would be upsetting to see. Edit: In regards to your point about the blood dragon bone daily, I'd also like to add that the dailies that require you to kill a wilderness boss should only be given to players over 100 combat.
  11. Kadachi

    I'm sure it hasn't been added yet because it was overlooked or they were waiting until June ends. Anyway, this definitely gets my support!
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