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  1. Goldfox

    Add a Star Sprite to ::Dzone so all of us with 5k+ dust can turn in our dust. I know this is kind of OP in terms of Crystal keys so I recommend taking away getting crystal keys and maybe the gold ore from it as well and only have it give lamps so the game isn't flooded with like 20+ more hexbows and DWH overnight. Still incentives people going to the ones from the stars to get keys if that is what you are after. Just seems day by day I am getting more and more dust than I am able to spend. I am open to suggestions on maybe nerfing it so it takes 2x the dust or something too. I just know there is probably a lot of people with a lot of dust that would like to get rid of it. I'd rather get less lamps/keys and stuff overall just for an excuse to get rid of all this dust.
  2. Goldfox

    All the wildy tasks teleport you to the non wildy version currently. Would be nice to see this changed.
  3. Goldfox

    I like ricky's idea of not getting the same skill multiple times in one day.
  4. Goldfox

    I mean I consider Crystal Keys dead content kind of already, there is maybe 1-2 items worth getting? I am literally just saving any keys I get to do a mass open one day or if they get revamped. Even if you add new things to the C-keys, something new and exciting is all I am saying. I agree that PvP loot is too strong already, PvPers supplied at least 90% if not more of the sara whips in game right now, as well as prims and a bunch of other starting PvM items like whips and furies the first few days of the server, so something to incentive PvM only players can't hurt if you don't make it so broken. (IE halloween 2016 Keys)
  5. Goldfox

    ahh well then yea give HCI their own sigmound, dont let reg accts access it tho, so u cant sell say a bp or something and buy it on your other acct
  6. Here are my thoughts. 1. Mystery boxes are boring yes, but if you save them up you can make some cash, I just sold all my stuff from mystery boxes that I had been saving up since the server opened and I made around 300m from it, which is not a lot int he grand scheme, but hey 300m is 300m 🙂 I just really don't want to see them like some servers where you can get d claws from a log-in box, you can already get stuff like that from the green boxes or the purple I can remember which. So if you can refresh the items without it being a moneymaker I support, otherwise leave it along. 2. Button to save ingame settings or add a local .ini file for your preferences that has more info in it than screen size/mode. +25 on this one 3. Grand exchange is buggy for sure, the issue you talk about usually happens when you look up the buy price for an item and then go to look up the sell price right after or vice versa and can be solved by searching a new item between searches, this can be annoying so fixing that would be cool. Also removing like 90% of the items we can't get in game from the G.E. might solve some issues as well. +1 4. Yea I suggested this on the Discord, I don't see why we can't have an option to disable those messages as a toggle under the toggle section of the R tab that was recently implemented. I really only care about drops from the people in my CC, I do really like the addition of it showing the KC you got the drop on though so I would probably still use that still. The did you know and Player xxx has received 9,000,000 bonus slayer xp, I could do without. Also one little sub suggestion to that last part (maybe edit this into your original post) would be allowing longer messages to wrap to the next line of the chat box so you can type longer messages without being cutoff. (add a max though of course so trolls can't missue it)
  7. Goldfox

    Yea, see no reason why this shouldn't be a thing +1
  8. Goldfox

    I support this, maybe have things like 1. 10-50 pvm point ticket 2. 50-500 PVM Point ticket 3. 500-1500 PVM Point ticket 4. Boss Instance tickets 5. 1 simulated drop from random boss (sort of like Lucky Imps) Make these the unique rarer drops with other stuff as filler as well. I'm sure people can suggest way better things than I can, but I think this would be an interesting idea, if the droprate was pretty high, but if you say did like 500 nex kills and got 1-3 of these keys for just some little extra bonus to any loot you may or may not have gotten otherwise.
  9. Goldfox

    You stole the words right out of my mouth, this is not needed, we need more gold sinks, not gold inflations on the server No support
  10. Goldfox

    You need to talk to the security guard to set up bank pins anyway right? So i don't see why not.
  11. Goldfox

    I think you can get purple already? I remember i spawned one in the beta a little while back. I also remember people having it pre shutdown as well maybe? the drops table isnt working atm so I can't look for the item, but i am 80% sure something exists to make it purple already or you could just buy it with points.
  12. Goldfox

    For PVM sure, for PVP no, keep it the way it is. It was changed for a reason, if anything nerf the karils to compensate. Better yet fix ranged pking in general it is pretty shit overall here.
  13. Goldfox

    why was explorer ring 4 taken away from you? You get it as your 4th playtime reward, are you sure you didn't just not pick it up and it disappeared? I do support playtime rewards going to diango if that is the case. I havent played my hci much yet so I didnt see if I got the rings or not, but if you no longer get the rings either give us the rings or someway to sell our junk 🙂
  14. Goldfox

    The crossbow is working fine, something is wrong on your end if there are problems.
  15. Goldfox

    They already made slayer easy for HCI so sure why not add this too +1
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