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  1. Anya

    Stop snitchin' on my boy, let him do his stabby stabby :{
  2. Anya

    Ugh, i have like so many pairs of shoes it's crazy. It's really hard for me to pick a favourite. This is what i wear to work on most days (depending on the 'fit fam). They're the nike air zoom pegasus 35s. These are my favourite heels that i actually got some Zara recently! :}
  3. Anya

    I think naming your pets is a really cool idea, makes your achievement feel more personalized ^-^ Support from me!
  4. Anya

    Ya'll tip toeing?
  5. Anya

    Congrats to the people promoted!
  6. Anya

    YES. Yes pls. I feel like most of the server would also agree that it should be the left-click option 😆
  7. Anya


    Hiyo, welcome to runique. Feel free to pm me if you need any help! Rip x ~
  8. Anya

    Hi soba, welcome back!
  9. Anya

    My inner weeb is making me feel conflicted, so i'll give you two small lists ~ Anime: Aldnoah.zero Akame ga kill Hai to gensou no grimgar Non-anime: Black mirror Westworld Castle rock I have like sooooo many more but i thought i'd keep it to a short list. These are not like my top 3s or anything, it's just what came to my mind that i figured most people would like ^-^
  10. Anya

    Hi waz, i definitely remember your name. Welcome back!
  11. These updates are bomb diggity, especially the placeholders. I spend way too much reorganizing my bank. :v
  12. Anya


    Hi hello greetings, welcome back to Runique! :>
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