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  1. Dezmo

    Thanks alot for the extra info 😄 Yeah i remember something about that too, but i'm not sure either, but have also asked Deluxe to give it a look when he has the time to see if anything else is missing 😄
  2. Dezmo

    Mastery capes. Agility Run energy don't drain Attack No tokens required to enter cyclops' room in Warrior's guild Constitution Health regenerates 50% faster Construction -No effects- Cooking 0% burn probability (never burn any food) Crafting -No effects- Defence -No effects- Farming -No effects- Firemaking Gives +1 root chipping every time a evil tree is lit Fishing -No effects- Fletching -No effects- Herblore -No effects- Hunter -No effects- Magic -No effects- Mining 5% chance of obtaining 2 ores on a successful mine Gives +1 star dust every time a fallen star is mined Prayer Holy wrench effect (restores extra prayer points when drinking prayer potions) Ranging Acts as ava's alerter Runecraft Double runes crafted Slayer 20% chance of receiving last task assignment Smithing Makes every smithing action 1 tick faster Strength Overload potion increases +5 extra strength levels Summoning -No effects- Theiving +12.5% thieving success Woodcutting 5% chance of obtaining 2 pieces of wood during a single cut Gives +1 root chipping every time a evil tree is chopped
  3. Dezmo

    I guess it could be a good idea, but you would have to right click the ring and operate it to then superheat? unless you are thinking about making it activate the superheat spell directly when you wear it?
  4. Dezmo

    Not much of a suggestion i guess since i'm probably the only one that cares, but i would love it if we could take a tick from the 1st obstetrical over the river, the late response to being able to click the tree is not what i'm use to :P
  5. Dezmo

    Gratz to all that got promoted! Make us proud! 😄
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