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  1. de1337ath

    seems kinda OP lol.... but i got a question, can you do this in RS? asking for a friend
  2. de1337ath

    Go immortal or go home! 😉 nah but forreal welcome back hope to see ya ingame!
  3. de1337ath

    ive been waiting for that to come back, i used to be a trusted uploader there for Novel client and server apps lol i stole from the dept of education on enterprise licences lololol
  4. de1337ath

    Pm me an invite, is it like bitdemon? back in the day used to track your uploading so you couldnt leech?
  5. de1337ath

    AYYYYYYYYY big yeet to you bruv hope you stick around and play!
  6. de1337ath

  7. de1337ath

    May i also add, that not being a forums moderator/staff i had no idea that others could edit your post. If that's the case then my points 99% invalid. Soooooo. Yea bro you win.
  8. de1337ath

    Calm down there turbo, nothing personal. I would of made the same complaint if some other player made it and was part of a big clan.
  9. de1337ath

    What are you on about, i would of said the same thing to literally anyone that was not legit playing 24/7 price guide. The dramas over fam. But ok, i see your point.
  10. de1337ath

  11. de1337ath

    Yea, it bothered me a little that some random player thats part of a certain clan had control of the price guide thread, its almost like they can pick and choose when they want the price of things! Definate need staff to make the pricelist. All donor things should be relative to their IRL price too!
  12. de1337ath

    Why not just replace USELESS ones with USEFUL ones ;)!!!
  13. de1337ath

    Cheers buddy, yea some of these wont affect you DIRECTLY , but things like removing NPC's and having logout timers will help out the server, and could save some money! Sorry i forgot to answer your questions - Yes removing useless NPC will improve performance! Clan on clan drama is good, but the way SOME PEOPLE do it at the moment is toxic, and if people are not into it it might scare them away, thats why adding a section for this is useful! There wont be one clan for long. 😉 You are right about the server population! However, maybe a ::afk or a button you could press to go to a afk zone *also help server peformance a TINY bit !
  14. de1337ath

    Passive HP regen, i have several reasons for this but my main reason is just making it closest to general RSPS or even Runescape itself. de-clutter home, redesign home... feels a TINY bit like it wasn't thought out very much , absolutely no offence! But when i ran servers 99% of my donations where from people who liked to just sit at home and chat. DONT GO NUTS THO IF ITS TOO FOREIGN PEOPLE WILL LEAVE THE SECOND THEY LOG IN. Remove USELESS NPCS eg. tiny cockroaches , 50% of the crawling hands and ect. I can go around finding them all if you request. Shooting stars : Make more defined tears of rewards eg: 50 dust = exp only . 100 dust = exp and ores/bars TINY chance of dpick , 150 dust = Exp,Ores/bars,TIny dpick chance , 1m cash and a chance at a ring of forging(Donor only chance) 200 dust= exp,ores, slight dpick chance, 1.5m cash, chance forging ring , clue scrolls?? ? ect ect and !!fix exp reward for each game mode.!! Evil Tree : Logs from chopping should be noted for donators, Rewards from evil tree : Add teirs just like my above suggestion except a dragon axe as reward instead of pick. Including birds nests & seeds ect. Better interface/more selection regarding client, alot of these settings make it impossible to track your exp of skills! AND BRING BACK THE LEVEL PAGE SO PEOPLE KNOW WHAT THEY CAN DO AT CERTAIN LEVELS. Fix world map bugs/add world map ability and marking Smooth out emotes, especially skillcape ones! Add Dice for 100m cash *CASHSINK* untradeable, dissapear when dropped even if killed. ect. Remove all server sided gambling mechanics like the lottery, and only have the lottery for EVENTS AND SPECIAL OCCASIONS! Maybe you could remove and add the NPC when you want the event, and wait a week, get people to add money and then draw it on xmas/birthdays of owner ect Revamp hunter, make it easier but not stupid over the top easy. Maybe leading to removing red chinchompas from shops and add black chins *not in wild* so skillers have incentive? Revamp Farming, this one just for the hardcore skillers, not a priority Revamp Herblore, don't sell 4 dose in the shop! sell 5 dose donor pots instead of 6 dose, Giving skillers a reason to do herblore. Fix summoning so the pouch you can make lights up. Also remove the ability to summon most of the trash summoning pets. Fix addy ores , most people want to just get to rune. Make them last longer so people who have hit 70, can actually get to 85 without nolifing. DONT do this to other ores! Make a book spawn in inventory, outlining how to do each skill **for people coming back to rsps like me or this server this will help ALOT and keep players here when they log in** grand exchange - IGNORE THIS MANY PEOPLE HAVE TOLD ME THEY USE IT NOW LOL was under the impression it wasn't being used, you could fix the interface for search items tho! You can USE the grand exchange area for something!? Figure out a good CASH sink, so the server isnt littered with coin and hyperinflation does not set in! Allow DICING (ONLY) anywhere , aslong as you have the 100m dice! *good start to a cash sink!* No server is fun without CLAN ON CLAN drama ((I EMPHASIS THE CLAN ON CLAN, NOT CLAN Vs 1 person)) make a Drama/clan beef section on forums that's lax on rules, but dont allow just over the bloody top harassment! This should keep THEM happy¿¿¿ add a 30 min logout timer. Keep the REALLY rare things like flippers , and other cosmetic things as CUSTOM donation but set price for that item with that the first donor payed! Having them in a shop makes them feel cheap! Psychology! Clean up forums a little bit, there are several places that could be condensed into eachother and it would not make a difference! Implement Messages of the Day from Admins/Owners/High up Mods ADD A JAIL , THIS HAS ALWAYS BEEN A GOOD WAY TO MAKE STAFF FEEL USEFUL INSTEAD OF JUST ::BAN and poof. ::jail might find you a crash method , or some other info you wanted out instead of just banning them INTERROGATE THEM FIRST XD Move nex out of wild??? lol This concludes this small list, all of this was just off the top of my head, im sure i will make more indepth ones when we have a full time/active developer atm i know its just you Relex
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