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  1. Ricky

    To help make Runique great again I think we should have h'ween chests but dont flood the eco with a bunch of rare items, Imo it should include expendable items for skilling and combat such as seeds, planks/mstones, potions, fish, etc., cosmetic items, xp lamps, and some more expensive items at a very low chance.
  2. Ricky

    Not sure what has already been suggested, but these are some changes I would like to see: Change the HP boost on fire torva pieces to be at least equal to if not higher than ice torva's. Seems to make sense that the hardest torva to get and with 99 def requirement has the highest stats all around. Eating sharks until max hp with fire torva body and legs results in 119 hp while doing the same thing in ice torva body and legs gives 132 hp. Make extreme potions and overloads notable (can reduce sell price to sigmund if necessary) Fix BM store pricing/achievements on occult necklace (165 bm, +10% magic dmg boost, must defeat 50 opponents with magic) and arcane stream necklace (35 bm, +15% magic dmg, no achievement) Change the Occult Necklace's stats to show the its higher damage boost (approx 5%) compared to the arcane stream necklace. (ty max☺️) Buff hexbow slightly to make it more competitive at less tanky bosses (damage boost or increase to shortbow speed). It is quite rare and requires 98 range to use yet is an obsolete item. As far as skills: Agility - more points per task/lower reward prices Herbore - longer tasks, possibly add botanists outfit, more points for harder potions Construction - add tasks with xp lamps in rewards Theiving - much longer tasks, assign high level npcs npcs in addition to stalls Smithing - longer tasks, more points depending on number of bars per item Firemaking - make the store slightly cheaper/give more points by log tier, assign colored log tasks less often (What does the empowered fire staff do for 100k points?) Many of the tasks feel like I spend more time finding a task than it takes to complete the task. Fire gloves are required for many of the firemaking tasks but at 5k points to buy them, it takes quite a while.
  3. Ricky

    I liek turtuls
  4. Ricky

    I would like a signature using this image with myself holding a banhammer in the middle and all of my 12 disciples IGNs over their heads (Relex, deluxe, wu, to gain, simberj, banish, max, and 5 others u can choose) all wearing Ricky4ss shirts and "make runique great again" hats. We can negotiate a fair price depending how long it takes πŸ™‚
  5. Ricky

    I've never really played HCI mode very much, so I can't say whether immunity from pkers in the wild is a good or bad thing. If anything, I think HCIs should not lose lives when dying to pkers in the wild. Losing lives when dying in the wild is a big risk for HCIs and UIMs and discourages them from going in the wild at all. However, if letting HCIs be immune brings in more players, then I'm all for it!
  6. Ricky

    I have experienced some great luck at Bal'lak. After 3,124 kills of this magnificent beast, here are my results. *I traded away one novite set and also received 3 Bal'lak (it) tickets iirc. Total of 2 rapiers found - one at 200 kc then went 2,920 dry until my next rapier drop at 3,120. I don't plan on going back...
  7. Ricky

    Agree with what Goldfox said about what Tom said about what Izay said. However, I think the void exchange would be a good thing as it would give a use for all the void tops people accrue through killing KBD. Most players at the moment already have void and pest control is often dead, even on double points days. Additionally, getting a void set solely through exchanging tops would almost certainly take longer than if a player was to just play a couple hours of pest control. I spent roughly 6 hours at KBD in search of a void top and didn't get even one.
  8. 69, thanks in advance for the ticket πŸ™‚
  9. Great updates! Did not expect some of these to be out so soon. Well done!
  10. Ricky

    Sorry, I don't know how to read.
  11. Ricky

    I think players would appreciate a way to save their items' positions in the bank in a similar way to how banking works in OSRS. Needing to have two of each item to keep your bank organized when withdrawing items can be quite tedious for untradable items and sometimes quite costly with other items like rares and combat gear. Adding bank placeholders would be a great quality of life improvement that will save players time and money. I think all players would appreciate having more organized banks. Thanks! πŸ™‚
  12. Ricky

    I am Ricky!
  13. Ricky

    Great guide by an average person! Prices were very accurate. πŸ™ƒ
  14. Ricky

    You mention my name? 😁
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