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    I see both sides of this. Here is my thought on it. If a sprite were added to dzone it should offer no ckeys. Just for the cost of convince. I don't see the point of a nerf to the cost of dust per lamp necessary though. Removing the ckey from that already defeats a good portion of the point. Plus the work has already been put in gathering the dust so that xp is "technically" already in the game I view this as more so a quality of life change to access it with the cost of the no ckey. However, I do like Ricky's idea as well but, I see that as more of a quality of life improvement also. In my personal opinion I think there should be no nerf to something like that resource wise but, a cap on it so it isn't beneficial to people with 1000s of dust preventing them from turning in there but, players who frequent stars don't have to wait for one to spawn near a bank and bank run their dust. In an ideal world I see the mix of both ideas making both sides happy with their trade offs. The sprite in dzone with the nerf of no ckey drops. And the interval idea on the normal sprite with a cap on intervals say up to 60 or 80. That way players who are just after the xp or turning in dust can mass turn in at dzone and the players who are still hunting for it can still go to stars and just have a little bit more convince.
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