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  1. 70729

    20k to close to other higher valuable items. wouldnt make sense to buy. +1
  2. 70729

    Possible to add Hween keys for PvM shop for lil bit? idk how much it should be tho.
  3. 70729 Sorry i hope im wrong
  4. 70729

    Can we consider adding crystal keys maybe even jst parts if need be. Id say like 950 points per completed key or 400 per part. which ever works out better. because nothing else to really spend points on.
  5. +1 Found out after too pretty annoying
  6. 70729

    Support, very annoying how it stands so close to you makes looting annoying sometimes
  7. 70729

    That comes down to a server pop issue/player base. Should realize what your current player base is, since it obviously isn't increasing in the PvP aspect (or if at all), just saying.
  8. 70729

    In all honestly, I feel like quite a few items in the PvP Shop should just be distributed through their bosses. Sara whip off sara. Zammy whip off Zammy. Drygores off Kq (or add in KK) but KQ already in. Just as a few I can think off of top of my head. PvP is hella dead n ya'll have acknowledged this, thus having so many items locked behind those vendors seems kinda lame, Speco ones that really should just be dropped thro their respective bosses.
  9. 70729

    Also, I personally saw about 15ish drops from wildy yesterday in clan. I also farmed my own few items. Was farming ork TILL i got SWH soo. People do wildy, theres just no real incentive to do wildy on non 2x days because of Raggers and people in max gear. So Wildy will just stay dead on non 2x days.
  10. 70729

    Idk about you but me n several people in the clan farm on 2x days, I always farm on 2x days as well actually. Its the only event thats actually not retarded... I've seen decent drops from people doing wildy. But few goes wildy if you're online, they wait till you offline (Cuz you just FC N Rush PPL In max gear). Pest control is an event and no one does Pest control either. Yesterday i was in wildy majority of day actually. Even while you were online. Seems to just trickle down to a Wildy dead cuz people in max gear, So hence forth the pvp gear locked behind those vendors won't be used except to increase the few pker's further. So it'll just be a run around cycle and will continue. P.S Nice PVP Requirements on items in vendor too...
  11. 70729

    Sooo its their problem they don't have loot n that you run around in max gear while they tryina acquire it. I'm not saying theres a problem with runnin around in wildy with max gear but don't use that as a reason to shoot down an addition to the wildy to try and liven it up. If anything you just further proved the case that stuff locked behind the "PVP" aspects aren't going to do anything but for the few PK'ers in max gear. So only a few ppl can farm those items then.
  12. 70729

    It'll bring in the PvP aspect tho, It'll bring activity and actually result in more pvp in the long run. It's based around the concept of PvMer's going out n get ambushed by a pker n now fighting cuz they'd be skulled for the bonus dr to even effect them. As for "Content that brings in actual pkers" there are already "PVP" only incentives that obviously aren't doing the job themselves idk what else they could do "PVP content only" Wise that'll increase PKER's only. Plus wildy dead cuz no one does PvM in wildy no point majority of time. (P.S it wouldnt effect skillermen at all soo)
  13. 70729

    Maybe add an increase DR % if skulled in wildy while killing revs/bosses. Might increase traffic to wildy and liven it up a lil more. Also will give bonus incentive for ppl to be skulled in wildy instead of 3 iteming.
  14. 70729

    When voting past few days i haven't been able to actually vote. It just tells me "Already voted" or it'll let me vote n when i go to claim it says "No claims available" n when I check the votes n try to vote again it says i've already voted. Just now I was logged in showed 70729 as user so voted when i tried to claim it said I wasn't logged in. After I relogged on and tried to claim it wouldn't let me because I already voted.
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