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  1. Phteven S

    Add a map that you can direct in game via ::map so that when you're doing wilderness slayer and get a boss, you can find out where they are. I personally am not 100% sure where all of them are located, and I am sure it would help with newer players, as they won't be too familiar with locations as well. Current map of osrs (if someone can edit out or replace current names/locations, and make it Runique orientated) Old School Map <---- Also, perhaps add the monsters combat level/recommend gear/stats. Just general overall useful when doing slayer 🙂 Seeings to how some bosses are not listed within the slayer menu.
  2. Phteven S

    Congrats to the promotions, and very happy to see Andrew as a Senior Mod. I always had faith in that felluh! 🙂 Keep up the work guys!
  3. Phteven S

    Big up, DazzlePoof. Good jeb
  4. Phteven S

    Cool cool, still want it addressed. So, I'll leave this for now. 🙂
  5. Phteven S

    If at all possible, decreased summoning/pet familiar click boxes, as they are about 1 and a half tiles wide, and can get in the way even if you've got others hidden. It disrupts clicks when trying to quickly bank, and or attack an NPC when doing multi-combat slayer/PVM in general.
  6. Phteven S

    As far as I can see/what I've been told, cannon only works in multi areas. Thus being said, make it where it works in singles also, as a lot of monsters aren't aggressive and a cannon would be awesome for certain tasks. Small thing ( I think as I'm not a coder ) but would be helpful. 😄 - Best regards, Phteven S.
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