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  1. ay cuh why my shit getting deleted??

  2. Daewoon

    mans too confused at this point
  3. Daewoon

    what if i dont repay u the loan?
  4. Daewoon

    #ts lad..still remember the bants on the first day of ts creation xd @Mock
  5. #ts cant ban them all virgboy

  6. Daewoon

    Daewoon EEST Weekdays 7-11 pm Weekends whenever
  7. Daewoon

  8. Daewoon

    I got a tatt
  9. Daewoon

    there are crystal chests bruv u get crystal keys from killing monsters bruv
  10. Daewoon

    wait...ur not new
  11. if you eat pineapple, your jizz is gonna become sweeter

    1. Max


      I've tested this, I can tell you. Shit aint true. 

      No homo....

    2. JaK


      Facts, I had a old home girl i tried this with. I used to work at publix inb the produce department. but yeah.,.. Its a no go.

  12. Daewoon

    7 , please rag me daddy
  13. Daewoon

    Ye moving gorillas out of wildy would be dank tho definitely need to some sort of payment or something
  14. Daewoon

    Makes sense since HCI was literally easymode on runique
  15. Daewoon

    Hello my name is Daewoon, i enjoy fishing and stealing children. I joined runique in 2016 and got muted couple of times
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