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    18 🙂 Username: Dummy Tester
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    @Ak1r - Thankyou for the feedback. 1. N/A 2. N/A 3. Thanks, I had no idea about this NPC until now. 4. How does this work? I can't see current individual exp for any skills... 5. This is not a waste of time, I am talking about the donator zone, and if the server owner wants things to run smoothly, he/she will have this fixed. It is very frustrating every time I want to mine Iron or Clay, and I can't just left click it, I have to right click and waste time doing so.
  3. test dummy

    Suggestions for In-Game: 1. Able to right click the mini compass and able to "point north". 2. Able to customise hotkeys, and/or add "ESC" key to show inventory. 3. Show bank timer on main screen instead of chat box, this will allow users to know how long they have before they can access the bank. This feature can be turned off from the settings menu. 4. Show individual skills experience when hovering the mouse over the individual skill. 5. Re-Locating the "Miner Magnus" NPC from the current location; at the Donator Skilling Zone. You currently have to right-click the Iron Ore or Clay Ore to mine it. Perhaps moving it between the Runite Ores just south of its current location.
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    You can always make a more in-depth post in suggestions, just a suggestion 😉
  5. test dummy

    Yes, this explanation definitely helps, it is exactly what I thought of when I first read the suggestion. p.s. I would recommend placing this post in the suggestions section.
  6. test dummy

    @Max Are you implying that Runique gets custom items in-game? If so, I'm out! It completely ruins the RS style of the game. If you are just implying that players can donate for a 'custom item'... i.e. You can donate for any item that has already been made for RS. - If this is the case, I'm in! If I am off the mark completely, please take the time to explain this a little better.
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