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  1. Wu Tang Klan

    Gzzzz Drew! Well deserved Sad to see Aether go
  2. Wu Tang Klan

    Currently, both text are in standard colour, making it hard to see when you get keys with full inventory/pvming since candy is way more often. Can we have the key text change to red or some other colour to make it easier to see? Also, candy makes certain skills annoying, and since the chest isn't that great, some people don't want candies anymore. Is it possible to have a toggle to turn them off? Or a toggle that drops them to the ground instead of inventory. Cheers, Wu
  3. Wu Tang Klan

    The Kruk Greegree is currently for 20k PVM points in the PVM shop. This I feel is too high for an item used solely for agility and offers 10% boost compared to Ninja Greegree, which is a mere 3k points on ::Store. I suggest changing the price to 7500 points to make it easier to obtain, as far as i know nobody has bothered to buy one in the shop yet.
  4. Wu Tang Klan

  5. Wu Tang Klan

    As Max said, remove doomcore from uncommon and put it into rare. Can we also have the other scythes along with superior to be ULTRA RARE? Like 1 in 50,000 or something ridiculous, since they aren't in eco anymore
  6. Wu Tang Klan

    Fact, bears eat beets. Bears, beets, "Battlestar Galactica."
  7. As promised, obtaining the rock golem pet before Saturday meant I would be giving away an Abyssal Bludgeon: It will be a HNS, hosted in Realm CC at 2 pm Server Time To make it interesting, you will have to equip certain items, and bring me certain items, but will only reveal what after you find me the first time. Good Luck Y'all
  8. Wu Tang Klan

    I'll take a Wu-tang symbol, Add Flames and shit make it real good 200m
  9. Wu Tang Klan

    Here's a guide to leveling hunter on Runique. Equipment: Equipment for hunter can be purchased at the : Skilling Teleports > Hunter > Feldip HIlls (S-U-F) Teleport. Box Traps: Used for catching Chinchompas Bird Snares: For birds around feldip hills Butterfly Net: Used to catch implings in Puro Puro, and on the surface Impling jars: For storing implings Methods: Catching Birds (Recommended Levels: 1-36) Teleport: S-U-F Equipment Needed: Bird Snares Bird Hunter Level Exp (On 10x) Crimson Swift 1 340 Golden Warbler 5 480 Copper Longtail 9 610 Cerulean Twitch 11 650 Tropical Wagtail 19 950 Chinchompas (Recommended Levels: Only for achieves and pet) Teleport: S-U-F then north for grey and red chins S-U-W for black and red chins (WARNING: Lvl 35 WIlderness) ::dskills West Side 15% Bonus Chance to receive Pet Chinchompa (Ty Relex) Chinchompa Type Hunter Level Exp (On 10x) Grey Chinchompa 53 1980 Red Chinchompa 63 3650 Black Chinchompa (In Wildy) 90 5750 Puro Puro (Recommended Levels: 36-99) Teleport - S-U-P You can Enter the Maze by clicking on the portal in center of Puro Puro: Equipment - Butterfly Net/Magic Butterfly Net, Impling jars Impling Type Hunter Level Exp (On 10x) Task Exp (per imp) Baby Impling 17 325 250 Young Impling 22 850 650 Gourmet Impling 28 1480 1130 Earth Impling 36 2320 1770 Essence Impling 42 2950 2520 Eclectic Impling 50 3790 2890 Spirit Impling 54 4210 3210 Nature Impling 58 4630 3530 Magpie Impling 65 5365 4090 Ninja Impling 74 6310 4810 Pirate Impling 76 6520 4970 Dragon Impling 83 7255 5000 + 5m gp Zombie Impling 87 7675 5250 + 10m gp Kingly Impling 91 8095 1234 + 15m gp Lucky Impling 99 9840 - Tips and Tricks: - Try to lamp the early levels. 1 antique lamp will get you to level 45, so you can avoid birds which is slow exp. - Catch ALL imps in puro - Many players tend to leave the low level implings, but if you do not catch them, newer, possibly higher level imps will not spawn in that spot - Female Characters go through the wheat faster in Puro Puro - Double Exp applies to catching imps as well as handing in tasks - Server dxp bonus for higher donors also applies to tasks - Recommend doing tasks on Server Dxp days - Do not focus on imp tasks, catch imps until u have at least 200-300 of Nature/Magpie/Spirit implings, then hand in tasks - Only open Lucky Implings for simulated triple loot from bosses in the Wilderness (Can get lucky with pets, torva, etc!!) - Magic Butterfly Nets give u a chance to duplicate your implings (Received randomly while handing in imp tasks to the fairy at Puro Puro)
  10. Wu Tang Klan

  11. Here are my suggestions for skill task rewards (They might not make sense for the skill but it would be good additions to the game) The armour and robes should either be cosmetic, or have stats similar to dragon/mystics in order to not be overpowered Smithing: Primal Armour Primal Helm : 5k points Primal Platebody: 10k points Primal Platelegs: 10k points Primal Boots: 3k points Primal Gauntlets: 3k points Primal Kiteshield : 5k points Primal Battleaxe: 5k points Primal sword: 5k points Crafting: Celestial Robe Set Celestial Hood : 5k points Celestial Robe Top: 15k points Celestial Robe bottoms: 15k points Celestial Gloves: 3k points Celestial Boots: 3k points Celestial Kiteshield : 5k points Celestial Staff: 5k points Celestial Wand: 5k points Herblore: Eastern Robe Set Eastern headress: 5k points Eastern Kimono/Robe: 10k points Eastern Sandals: 5k Points Eastern Trousers: 10k points (The dungeoneering mage equipment such as Duskblood/Wildercress make more sense for herblore, but don't look great so in my opinion not worth adding)
  12. Wu Tang Klan

    So talking to few players about the Runecrafting skill rewards, most are not happy with the current version of the Runecrafter robes. The robes that people like and were available in Runique v1 were the green ones, as shown in the image below: Petition to add the three colours for the rewards, along with the 'Omni Talisman Staff' shown in the picture. Also, currently the robes are just cosmetic, it would be neat if the set gave some %bonus to the runecrafting skill, since it is quite tedious.
  13. Wu Tang Klan

    So this week, we have another fashionscape contest, this time prizes are sponsored by @Deuces The theme for the contest is: HOLLYWOOD MOVIES Dress up closest to a famous character from a hollywood movie for a chance to win. Points will be awarded based on the following criteria: - Originality - Theme match - Likes on entry Entry Deadline: Thursday, 29th August 2019 WINNERS are: 1. Eternal Boots @Andrew 2. Divine Spirit Shield @Step to lego 3. Serpentine Helm (uncharged) @SimberJ
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