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    like runelite has loot tracking for each boss
  2. 420kingpk

    probably hard to do but just like the npc killcount would be nice to have like loot tracker right under the infos and stuff, so you know what you got from certain monsters
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    This is my guide to get 200 achievement points pretty fast (this is an opinion) Things that you will need (varies) Requirements (not realllyyy required) -Playing on Extreme will help alot. -Combat stats to 99 (takes like an hour) melee: rock crabs to 99 mage: blood barrage afk Desert Warriors ranged: red chin and cannon rock crabs -An average of 10m -Buying items from shops is usually money back since actions give you money back depending on gamemode -Runique drop settings in the settings menu will help ALOTTT (shift click top corner and bottom opposite corner items to select all) List of achievements: (will only give tips on not obvious ones) -Finish quick tutorial -Finish Full tutorial -Heal 50 times with Doctor Use the teleports to Nex (double enter BN) get hit once and quicky teleport to Edgeville (double enter CE) and heal and repeat -Obtain a slayer task fom turael -Buy a milestone cape 50 -Defeat 25 rock crabs -Defeat 15 fire giants -Defeat 20 yaks -Bury 15 bones Get bones off rock crabs (double enter TR) -Use 15 bones on altar Get bones off rock crabs and use edgeville altar (double enter CE) -Low alch 30 items Low alch note items (low alch is bugged and cant be spammed so wait animation and click) -Enchant 20 bolts with magic Buy adamant bars from summoning shop (double enter SGS) and make adamant bolts, get some uncut diamond, cut them, cut them again and make diamond tips, then make diamond bolts and enchant them -Run 10 laps in gnome course -Run 10 laps in barbarian course -Run 5 laps in penguin course (do 10 for med achiev) (double enter SAP) Bring food and dont click the door as it make you walk there, click tile next to it, also run through the ice spikes dont bother them -Cook 10 raw shrimp You can buy raw shrimps at Fishing guild (double enter SFG) -Cook 25 raw trout Same as shrimps -Tan 5 cowhides Kill 5 cows at lumbridge and tan at Seers (double enter STR) -Spin 16 flax Flax from camelot (double enter CC) run south-southwest flax field -Chisel 32 uncut sapphires Buy them from crafting shop (double enter STS) and drop them or sell them at sigmund if you really want profit -Burn 30 normal logs Buy logs fom Seers woodcutting non magic one (double enter SWS) -Burn 20 normal logs in bonefire Buy logs and burn them in a fire same place as ^ -Fish 16 trout -Fletch 18 shortbows(u) Buy logs from Seers woodcutting (double enter SWS) -Make 5 attack potions Buy materials from herblore store (double enter SHS) 5 vial of water, 5 eye of newt, 5 guam leaf -Grind 50 mud runes Buy mud runes fom rune store and pestle and mortar from herblore store (double enter SHS) -Catch 5 crimson swift double enter SUF, buy traps from the NPC, place bird traps down next to them and wait -Catch 5 golden warblers -Catch 10 baby impling double enter SUP, buy net and jars from NPC, teleport in the middle to enter the maze, go hunting -Mine 15 tin ore -Mine 10 iron ore -Mine 20 coal -Craft 100 air rune buy materials from skilling store (double enter SRS), use Varrock bank (double enter CV) -Craft 75 mind runes -Cancel 25 slayer tasks Go to masters cave (double enter LM) and open up the Runique tab (red R) and cancel from the bottom slayer tab -Smith 15 bronze daggers Buy bronze bars from summoning shop (double enter SGS) and teleport to edge anvil (double enter SOE) -Smith 5 bronze plateboies Buy bronze bars from summoning shop (double enter SGS) and teleport to edge anvil (double enter SOE) -Infuse 15 spirit wolf buy materials from summoning shop (double enter SGS) buy shard pack and alot of pouches, also use the G.E for charms or drop on rock crabs, then train (double enter STS) 105 shards, 15 pouches, 15 gold charms and 15 wolf bones -Transform 5 dreadfowl strikes made from using dreadfowl pouch on obelisk (2nd tab), i forgot if one set of items makes multiple scrolls. 40 shards, 5 pouches, 5 gold charm, 5 raw chicken -Steal 8 vials from stall First stall behind edge bank -Steal 5 bananas from food stall 2nd stall behind edge bank -Pickpocket men 25 times double enter SIA -Chop 60 logs -Chop 25 oak logs -Complete a duo slayer task get task from masters cave (double enter LM) and use the scroll to request a duo partner from server, 100k fee. (use turael for easy tasks) -Use smoke rush on an NPC Level 50 magic, use left purple altar at edge and use Ancient, 2 chaos, 2 death, 1 fire and 1 air rune, teleport to rock crabs (double enter TR) and use it on a rock crab -Buy vengeance quick set Edgeville hugging the corner of the general store north-east of it, talk to quick-set guy and buy vengeance runes, 50k -Challenge a player within home Right click any player at varrock and challenge them ( type ::help in chat and use starter help for an admin to help you 🙂) -Participate in the lottery I only recommend doing this one if you have money to give (a chance of winning tho), talk to lottery guy walking around Edgeville -Purchase a loyalty title You can purchase a loyalty title from the guy hugging the bank at edgeville (north of it), right click and click rewards, cheapest loyalty title you can buy is Hellraiser for 10k loyalty pts -Purchase a spirit shard pack If you already havent done this with the summoning achiev, buy it at the summoning shop (double enter SGS) for 500k -Teleport to the altar of death buy death altar teleport at the skilling store (double enter SRS) -Buy 100 tomatos from a crate next to the south NPC's at edgeville next to ruins is a tomato crate, buy full inventories, need 4 full invent, shift click top corner tomato and bottom opposite tomato and right click drop -Pick 100 bananas from a tree teleport to karamja (double enter CJ) and spam click a tree, drop invent, repeat -Smith 500 cannonballs make 1000 for med achiev, buy steel bars from summoning shop (double enter SGS) and use edge anvil (double enter SOE) and make repeat till 1000 -High alch 50 items -Run 10 laps in the penguin course -Cook 100 raw lobsters buy raw lobsters from shop (double enter SFK) then teleport to rogues den (double enter SCR) bank or drop the cooked lobsters -Spin 50 yak hides into ropes buy yak hides from summoning shop (double enter SGS) and teleport to spinning wheel (double enter STR) use hides on wheel, 2 inventories -Chisel 100 uncut rubies buy them from skilling store (double enter STS) drop or sell at sigmund after for profit -Fletch 69 magic longbows either woodcut or buy the logs from G.E. -Make 112 strength potions buy 112 vials of water, 112 limpwurt roots and 112 tarromin from herb store (double enter SHS) , bank it all, take 14 vials of water and 14 limp roots, make them all 112, then use the pot you got with tarromin -Catch 5 essence implings double enter SUP, catch 5 essence imps -Craft 500 fire runes -Craft 420 cosmic runes -Craft 200 nature runes -Smelt 10 gold bars mine the ores or buy them from G.E. then use edge furnace (double enter SOE) -Smith 15 iron platebodies buy iron bars from summoning shop (double enter SGS) and teleport to edge anvil (double enter SOE) -Transform 200 fish rain scrolls 2180 shards, 20 green charms, 20 pouches, 20 harpoons, from summoning shop (double enter SGS) make Ibis pouches and then fish rain scrolls from 2nd summoning tab -Steal a scimitar from the stall last stall to the right behind edgeville bank -Turn 350 bones into peaches modern spellbook, you can change same altar as ancient, level 60 magic spell, nature, water and earth runes, buy wolf bones from summoning shop (double enter SGS) and drop the peaches (shift click bottom peach and the one thats highest) -Stake 5m gp in the duel arena double enter MD and ask a staff if no one is available from help Clanchat, put 5m at stake and duel -Store 100m in your money pouch have 100m in your inventory and put in your money pouch, you can ask a friend, sometimes maybe even staff if they trust you, if you really cant, do another easy achievement. -Smith 1000 cannonballs -Defeat Jad without eating have protection prayer, pray ranged all the time unless hes slowly leaning back meaning his attack is magic, but always pray ranged since it is the fastest attack of the 2, kill the 4 healers quick that spawns at half hp, i recommend bringing dragon darts for the healers and rune crossbow with ruby bolts (e) for jad since ruby bolts have a chance to have a high dmg proc. -Throw a tomato at a staff member buy a tomato from tomato crate at edge and type ::help in chat then select starter help, click tomato and click at staff member, 🙂 -Do the dance emote 100 times spam click the dance emote -Set a bank PIN talk to a bank npc and set a bank pin By then you should have 200 achievement points or roughly. Doesnt take too long, took me around 5-6 hours Have fun 🙂 -420kingpk
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    just pm me ingame if you're interested, prices arent really defined yet
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    selling adze 420kingpk
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