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  1. Izay

    Great guide, especially the "Tips and Tricks" part
  2. Izay

    Congratz Ragy 🙂
  3. Izay

    There has been 6 server updates since this post, no clue what you are on about buddy
  4. Izay

    100% yes
  5. Izay

    Welcome @Leviticus I'm so excited to welcome you to our team. 🙂 Cant wait to work with you
  6. Izay

    Pretty nice, give me one thx
  7. Izay

    Well people were asking for some bug fixes mainly this time, new content comes soon enough! 🙂 Fantastic update Relex, thanks alot
  8. Izay

    Clicking the compass MUST redirect the hole camera with the north to the top. 100% Usefull, i always click on it and never works. Support, I use that quite often aswell. Fix the scrolling. Or its way too far or you can only see your legs if you zoom in so much. Maybe scroll should be slowlier and not so "agressive" No support, because I don't see what you mean, you just have to scroll slowly or use the camera zoom option in the settings. LOTTERY. Dead content once a week or so. It should let you give to the lotto guy Sigmunds food (like a 2m hat he takes the item and converts it into GP). Much more interesting. No support, we need all the money sink we can get, would actually love to increase the amount to 10m instead of 5m. Add on the top corner of the screen a HP bar of the boss or enemy you're killing (name) and underneeth it the % of life remaining. This is to know when mosters are killed beacuse red bar is not a thing and sometimes you think u've killed the NPC but not really. No support, check the extended setting -> Status bar and set it to "NPC" PK TIMERS. Vengance/bind could have a little timer to know when vengance or freeze is about to run out or can re-cast it. Usefull also. This already exists. Name changer is not a thing as im aware of. Fix the thing on the firend list that says "previous name" and its the same as the one he has becuase he'll never be able to switch it. Support, basically just a bug fix. If someone hits the boss you've taken 90% of the damage, or 99% and you're in his same cc he can take the loot. Fix it and make it who deals the most damage. (not so sure because if clan bossing only the maxed gear guys would take the loot but its a completely different situation.) No support, that is exactly what drop share is supposed to be for. Stars/Evil Trees when announced should have a ::loc command that opens a photo of where ALL stars or D&D happen, doesnt teleport you to it but if not its like a only old players thing. Honestly no clue what that last part is supposed to mean, and I don't know what this suggestion is supposed to do.. There is a fallen star guide that shows all locations. Mentioned it but HP bars are bugged. When you think you've killed the NPC or enemy and you didnt its kinda irritating. Check my previous answer, but if it's really that far of, yea, fix it. ::store should have a review of prices & items. Mostly ingame cost nothing but for credits are really expensive so its just dead content. Not sure about that, prices seem ok for credits? Targetable/untargetable on wildy should get a definition if it'll stay on the server or wipped out. No clue what you mean here. As HCI can't interact directly with the eco , i suggest them having their own zone & bosses. (Wont bother regular players or other way round). No support, this splits the game too much, also we have IT tickets that can be obtained for alot of bosses. Stores should let you sell the item you bought from it. Of course cheapper. But every store. Skilling-PvMing etc etc. (Also if you're lucky enought a store to sell extra pets for cash, xp lamps or stuff like that. Sure, why not, double pets seem kinda useless. In order to get into a gilded altar player owned house must have the owner inside. Isnt that how it works right now? Evil chicken should be adjusted to deal damage according to combat level of the guy who gets the event. I think the damage it does is fair already, no support This goes against my friend Max, but if you getting ragged by a rusher or so, a command that says ::Blacklist and that ragger/rusher won't be able to hit you again untill unblack listed. Eh, no. Sorry, but that idea is like disable the wilderness. Random idea: Skilling items like ores, fishes, logs, or what ever, can be sold to their respective skill master for SKILLING POINTS. This points are usefull to buy gear/upgraded items of the skill and so. This SKILLING POINTS can be converted (dont know the exact rate) but 1 skill point = 5k cash. Or something like that. Maybe, needs alot of testing though so it doesnt seem OP 
  9. Izay

    Welcome Welcome. 🙂 Enjoy your stay, if you got questions, feel free to hit me up ingame.
  10. Izay

    Congratulations to everyone. 🙂 Well deserved.
  11. Izay

    Please make "investigator's hat" and "Doctors hat" and any other cosmetic hat that you get from the c chest, boxes and med clues sellable to sigmund. Make them all around the price of the ones you can already sell there (capricorn hats, cat mask etc.)
  12. Izay

    Solid additions, all of them.
  13. Izay

    It's easier to prevent something like armadyl shards to come in as an update now, than to remove that one feature now, that would make people angry for no reason, it's one skill, that's fine I guess.
  14. Izay

    It's less about the XP being OP but more about the hard skills loosing it's charm due to them being buyable.
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