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  1. Remove or change this achievement! Change) Update the required wins from 1/10/25/50 games to 1/5/10/20. As this isn't a played minigame this would reduce the monotony. OR Make the minigame give actual rewards rather than a 1-10m scale. Also fix the mage equipment and set it up as a tribrid equipment. Extend options to Melee + Range Range + Mage Melee + Mage Tri-brid (If interest I can submit possible gear setups for each build) Remove) Explains itself.
  2. Duke Doto

    It still uses the same ratio as OSRS for coal:ore 1:6 addy, 1:8 rune. I smelted 1k rune bars when doing 99 on Ironman at x25. I would've needed to mine 8k coal. This is a private server if I was going to do it like that I'd play OSRS, and on there it's less because of Blast Furnace.
  3. RoF is a massive detriment to spend 50 Achievement points on (specifically for ironmen) It is essential for maxing and a damn necessity for HCI maxing. An argument could be made that with the addition of RoF to the Smithing Tasks rewards that this point is moot, however trying getting 5000 points with 30-70 point rewards or trying to mine the coal to smelt for the only smithing task that is actually rewarding. I suggest that the RoF is moved to PVM Store with a cost of 2,000-4,000 PVM points and that accounts who have been forced to purchase this (Ironmen in mind) could be reimbursed for the Achievement Points lost. The Achievement Store shouldn't have items which are needed to max or level, it should be luxury and special items.
  4. Duke Doto

    Very nice, it would've been nice to have a Crystal Key counter. I think I've used 50-80 and really want a hex. 😞
  5. Duke Doto

    With the addition of hardwood grove you can now supply yourself with logs to turn into planks. However the dialogue and teleport times still keep a similar speed as sawmill but being more expensive. It should be quicker and more expensive or cheaper and slower. The sawmill is currently the cheap and slow method (as 28 mahogany logs>planks is more than Sawmill entry (835k vs 750k) I suggest allowing the Sawmill to take Noted Logs but at an increase of 10% per log. Please leave any thoughts below :)
  6. Duke Doto

    It would be nice if we were able to sell items back to the achievement store for an amount. This could be the same return percentage used for the void returns.
  7. As an ironman who just used 500 Dbones on my PoH Altar and has discovered that it isn't applied to the achievement it is mildly annoying. I would suggest that it is clarified to be either home or dzone altar, or have the achievement work with PoH altars.
  8. Duke Doto

    I agree (Far Too Easy) - Plus One
  9. Duke Doto

    Yes please
  10. Duke Doto

    Definitely enjoying being here 🙂
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