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  1. Hci Yammu

    someone played to many servers... xd support though
  2. Hci Yammu

  3. Hci Yammu

    Gz buddy, well done
  4. Hci Yammu

    So what is the actual problem with us being able to get pked but not lose lives to pkers, its a win win for both sides, we dont lose our gamemode and pkers can go find kills
  5. Hci Yammu

    Is this what you want? people to quit playing the game-mode because half the content is locked behind wilderness that you make impossible for us to access? make pking great (which will lets face it, never happen) and in trade kill a very much played and liked gamemode 10/10
  6. Hci Yammu

    Im not saying to undo what has been done, im asking just not to say fuck you to us, i suggested the pker gamemode can't attack hci, theres 6 more gamemode is i'm not mistaking But if you want to let 3 toxic pkers who complain about wilderness being death control the wilderness, then sure go right ahead and all hci's will stay out and it'll be even more dead, great move. As I said before the server got shut down you'd get banned for taking items off of hci accounts and now you're encouraging it, whatever if noone is willing to actually negotiate or think about other options there is no use in this.
  7. Hci Yammu

    can you please stop replying? all you point out every time is how you'll get the worst of it and hci is the easiest gamemode there is, i see no point in arguing with someone who's to immature to look at a situation from both ways and actually come with options or solutions rather than comments on how it would suck of you if anything changed you keep on failing to realize how we got a major nerf to the gamemode, there is so much content in the wilderness, and you cant even consider actually giving up something that is completely ridiculously busted So do us all a favor and be quiet if you have nothing useful to say
  8. Hci Yammu

    So as I said lets look at alternatives What about: pker gamemode being able to kill hci's but not take their lives pker gamemode being able to attack everyone else except hci's before the server closed a few of us got banned over dying and taking items off of hardcore iron accounts now you make them able to just droptrade anything, and yell at us for asking questions or other solutions. Please make up your mind and rules
  9. Hci Yammu

    oh excuse me for getting annoyed for someone swapping combat levels just to come kill a hci with literally no risk perhaps instead of screenshoting that execute it instead
  10. Hci Yammu

    which hci? even I havent voted because id like to explore other options Its always easy to blame others when something doesn't go your way but its obvious people do agree that the game-mode is just outright broken
  11. Hci Yammu

    Funny how i asked to keep the topic discussion related and keep the salty posts off of it, gj max bow and chaddy to not let me down once more Why is it hci mode gets to change and we can't even discuss changes to a different gamemode without triggering the pkers? should all hci's start to get triggered because our mode got changed as well? ill have you know we impact the community way more than the three of you do And excuse me for not being a native english speaker, I do make typo's, get over it already
  12. Hci Yammu

    What about a teleport restriction after changing stats, so if you were to change stats at edge bank for example u can just run into wilderness, but it would stop people from just setting the required combat level and going where they want to go
  13. Hci Yammu

    What about being able to get pked and losing your stuff, but not losing a live to players
  14. Hci Yammu

    NOTE: THIS IS A DISCUSSION, NO RANT, so keep ur bullshit salt replies out of this and discus actual reasons this is ok or not ok So @Dejakun @hci pleb and me were doing revs. pkers found us, they attacked us killed deja and me and pleb got away. Ok, we are in wildy, that sucks. The pkers were both cb 126, so i went back and stayed below lvl20 wildy(i was cb 100), what do you know, 3 minutes later they come back with my own combat level This in my opinion is completely busted and quite rediculous, if i get found by pkers i accept that its my risk. but being able to get at literally anyone at literally any level, thats just sad and shouldn't be possible.
  15. Hci Yammu

    Whats the harm to get it on Hci's though? any one else can do it
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