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  1. sup dawg did u get cleaned?

  2. Gico44

    ye fuck it. Hope everyone continues to drink some water 🙂
  3. Gico44

    Hello there, So I know this post may offend some people but I do believe it's for a healthier server. With the new droprates being released I've seen a lot of people quit due to being "grindy" and "not worth it." Mind you this is coming from people who actually play the game, not just gamblers or afkers. I believe this may be some confusion because of extreme mode or whatnot, but regardless. I believe the drop rates should be changed to easier rates. It is daunting for a new player to join the server and see that torva is 1/5k drop rate, most justify that by saying why would I bother doing this when I can play OSRS instead? You have to keep in mind that the community that RSPS communities usually reflect is people who don't want to play OSRS because it's too grindy already. We can leave grandmaster mode, etc for the playerbase that enjoys doing that. There are also plenty of other aspects to runique that appeal to grinding mentality such as 120s, achievements, etc. I know this may piss a lot of you off that think it devalues items but we have to think about retaining new players as well. Some other quality of life changes that might further help: Possibly have someone in community make a forum post guide/video guide about very easy to do tasks of how to get cash in runique and have this linked to people when they first join as a dialogue box for example, most people thieve for a bit then realize how expensive an AGS is for example and then quit Either a better explanation in game of the different game mode benefits or a direct link to the gamemode benefit list Remove the daily 'bury a blood dragon bone' I've seen it upset a lot of people because of how rare dragon keys are already Explain more precisely what +1 drop rate means, I've had to explain it countless time in help chat give an example of "if x item is 1/1k, then +1 drop rate means 2/1k or 1/500" Include a ring of wealth in starting kit so people don't have to hunt for it in general store Promote the fact that you can donate with OSRS gp. maybe via in game yell messages Please comment below any changes you think would be more appealing to newer players to help retain them
  4. Gico44

    The fact your trickster boots aren't underneath the rest of your trickster triggers me ❤️
  5. Gico44

  6. Gico44

    Ah some nice familiar names on the list :) good luck to everyone who's promoted, make the server proud!
  7. Gico44

    Update in just a little over 24 hours after launch? Man's putting in some hours, good stuff Relex! Cheers for the update.
  8. Gico44

    Congratulations to the first round of recruits. Have fun and good luck servin' the community guys!
  9. Gico44

    Hello everyone, Glad to see Runique is back up and running! I know i did some silly things in the past, but I'm a reformed man now and regret those actions. Hope to put any bad blood between me and anyone i wronged in the past behind us and start anew! Oh yea few things about me... My name is James and I'm 23. Feel free to call me that instead of Gico44, or Gico, but whatever works I played football (soccer) for 16 years of my life proudly, and a good ol' United fan <3 Currently pursuing a Dcotorate in Material science engineering but got my bachelor's in mechanical engineering Rock climber enthusiast <3 can talk for days about it and try to climb whenever i can Looking forward to seeing everyone in game :)
  10. Gico44

    Well I believe if this change were to occur it should happen before release day, just my 2 cents of course. However I’m not sure how much extra work/pressure that would put on Relex.
  11. Gico44

    HCI were not attackable in wilderness before.
  12. Gico44

    Hi everyone, So the HCI game mode of old Runique was in all fairness completely easy, i believe something should be done to rework it to actually make it "hardcore" otherwise its just like playing regular ironman but with a fancy skull above your head. I propose the following changes: 1 death, you die you get reverted to ironman status slight caveat, @Kutoand @Mock believe zulrah could have the 1 death like osrs where you can buy stuff again from the priestess as well. No buyable lives or insurance or anything like that. Make hardcore ironman attackable in wilderness If you die you don't lose your full bank I think these are some healthy changes that would give the players some gratification for retaining their hardcore status and makes it more differentiable from the regular iron man game mode. Feel free to comment and give your own thoughts on what you would like to see changed with hardcore game mode, if any.
  13. Gico44

    Bruh how do all y'all remember this stuff? I don't even remember when I joined smh.
  14. Gico44

    What really is "Runique"?
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