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  1. I Wish All You Runiquians A wonderful Year in 2020 I may not be around much but when there's maybe an hour of relaxation time I will Always Visit Just know you all have made it possible for me to become the man I am today. Runique Is HOME. I Will never leave you for too long I just might need a Longer Break. I Will be online for a little while today! Just to relax its calming to grind some times. 🙂 I have Self Control A Whole Lot Better now. I can Feel it, Literally haha. Anyways I wish you the most Glorious 2020 It can bring 🙂  ❤️  😘  Gonna Continue Grinding For you guys! Like I said everything you do everyday is my motivation I feel you guys keep me Afloat! All I need is our Small Community I know maybe you will grow so big one day and Runique Will be the New Era. Gaming has come so Far. Love you all. Sleep well while I take a break after today ❤️ I will visit again soon! Please Continue to Grow! Make it the biggest RS PS That was ever known. haha Because You guys Deserve it! You Are Great. Thank You Relex, Thank you All the Staff. Thank you Players. You Made ME. 









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