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  1. fishftw

    SMH not even gm
  2. fishftw

    I like the idea of doing something with the treats chest or not, I just do not like the idea of using skilling items or existing items as rewards. I think there should be a few NEW custom rewards some tradeable some not. A pet, A custom UNTRADEABLE Cosmetic set, and 1-3 TRADEABLE Limiteds, (1 mask, 1 shield slot weildable, and 1 weapon slot weildable)
  3. fishftw

    LOL no i just thought it would be a good and relevant theme to tie into the 3 reward types. I mean i think the framework is there for all of it they just need models, which i dont think is to big of a deal. My main point is I dont want to see existing items keep getting pushed out and devalued more, and we dont need to flood the eco with more skilling supplies (big skilling boxes do that already). I think My reward tiers have a nice Balance, You get an influx of new cash from mbox, A new tradeable rare item for people to get excited about and try to trade/farm, And you also have the untradeable set that completionist's will want to get to show off. There doesnt have to be 10 items that was just a suggestion it could be just 1 pet 1 tradeable limited and the untradeable armour set. I think that would be a little more doable.
  4. fishftw

    Im just gonna throw out a quick Suggestion for candies, have an npc (possibly pennywise) that you gamble ur candy to. 50% Chance you would get nothing... 49% chance get 1-10 mboxes per candy rareness increases the more mbox, of the time, then for the last 1% have 10- 1 out of 1k drops.... I think the drops should be a few halloween related pets, a few new custom tradeable limited items (So it doesnt devalue current limiteds), and then an untradeable limited armour set. .1% Chance Pet #1 .1% Chance Pet #2 .1% Chance Pet #3 .1% Untradeable Armour Head .1% Untradeable Armour Chest .1% Untradeable Armour Legs .1% Untradeable Armour Boots .1% Tradeable Limited #1 .1% Tradeable Limited #2 .1% Tradeable Limited #3 Possible Tradeable Limiteds Pumpkin Halloween Basket Pennywise's Baloon Some sort of Mask Possible Pets Zombie Ghost Baby Pennywise Possible Untradeable Armour Pennywise Clown Suit Totally not married to the items they were just what I came up with. Let me know what you think!
  5. fishftw

    +1 Make extreme potions and overloads notable (can reduce sell price to sigmund if necessary) +1 Change the HP boost on fire torva pieces to be at least equal to if not higher than ice torva's. Seems to make sense that the hardest torva to get and with 99 def requirement has the highest stats all around. Eating sharks until max hp with fire torva body and legs results in 119 hp while doing the same thing in ice torva body and legs gives 132 hp. +1 Agility - more points per task/lower reward prices +1 Firemaking - make the store slightly cheaper/give more points by log tier, assign colored log tasks less often (What does the empowered fire staff do for 100k points?)
  6. fishftw

    I think removing it just for slayer tasks only would be good!
  7. fishftw

    Having a popping market is always good for making a server look alive! and when everyones items are just sitting in the GE and they are out skilling it feels dead around home, so i feel like we will have a higher rate of people sticking around with this as well
  8. I think having pop up shops kind of like the old school maple story free market would be alot better then the current Grand Exchange. I feel it would be alot more interactive and easier to use for new players. They would have the fun of searching for bargains and seeing all the item possibilities right there in there face instead of searching through exchange; which at times feels clumsy and when you do find the item your looking for its hardly ever on there or being merched 10x.
  9. fishftw

    Think the biggest thing that would help is just do a weekly post at the minimum even if nothing much has happened :) Thanks for the post!
  10. Support... ALSO please stop adding everyones suggestions without thinking how it will effect the server and Eco! These wildy keys sound great and updating mbox drops sounds great, or boosting the skill boxes etc etc...... But theres so many items pouring into the game that its devaluing all the items, devaluing bossing, devaluing grinds, theres just not enough new players to soak up these items currently. Love the idea of the stalls! Edit: Had a convo with someone and just want to clarify... I dont hate the wildy keys I just think they are broken as is... and dont necessarily like the rewards, would rather see some new items added or cash instead of items which already have 2 or 3 ways to get.
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