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  1. Run Laps

    i'ma miss you bud, keep in touch aussie cunt ❤️
  2. Run Laps

    The 120 cape does affect the run energy, + not everyones hates agility, 😉 cheers xo either way, i support graceful + recolouring
  3. Rest easy, i'll meet you in another life ❤️

    1. Zetherin


      You will meet again.

  4. Dreading tomorrow... Hate saying goodbyes 😢

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    2. Run Laps

      Run Laps

      hope so man.. ❤️ 😕

    3. J W Kingsley

      J W Kingsley

      Just think your only saying goodbye now but your friend will be watching over you forever until you join him. Hang in there bro ❤️ you can do it! 

    4. Run Laps

      Run Laps

      love ya lads ❤️

  5. Run Laps

    Ngl, i stream all of these games - CSGO just a silver scrub but love the game - League of Legends ^^ Adc main and kinda falling out of it rn - Apex Legends this is the game i can't wait for season 2 right meow - Runescape got bored honestly, couldnt motivate myself - Fortnite ... s9 was a bit how ya going oh and guitar hero 3, (aka clonehero) wild
  6. Run Laps

    Could be in touch, will add you 😄
  7. Run Laps

    confirmed but 120 is a grind my dude
  8. Run Laps

    Cheers legend ❤️
  9. Run Laps

    Add Agility ones :^)
  10. Run Laps

    TY for the resizeable bug, and ape atoll ❤️
  11. Run Laps

    glad i got to have a chat with you man, and ask you 20 million questions, seem like an allround good cunt. Catch ya next year for some skankin'
  12. watch your mouth boi 😉 might cop a chin check
  13. Very nice, please don't kill me x
  14. Don't Stop Believinnnnnn'

    1. Zetherin


      hold on to the feelinnnn'

  15. Run Laps

    I'm glad youre back man, catch u ingame 😄
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