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  1. Kaizen

    support support support
  2. That server you are talking of did alot more than just have a flashy trailer lol. You are fucking delusional
  3. Your thread has gave me fucking aids. My point in my thread was simply that there was a lack of thought and proper process into the re release of Runique. A great job is still done with the server in regards to implementing suggestions etc. And advertisements and youtube videos are extremely hard to pay for with the current chargebacks which is why my point was that it be properly sorted before the release and all of this could have been avoided.
  4. Kaizen

    What my main point is that all of the bugs and new content could have been fixed and implemented before the release.
  5. Not the sort of person to usually rant about shit and be petty like this but fuck it First of all I would just like to address the thought and effort put into this re release. I'm not doubting that any of the owners do a bad job or whatever because I love Runique and has forever been the only server that I have ever enjoyed this much. With the release there was literally nothing different to the prior Runique which in my opinion is very poor. Not only could you have took some more time and added some great features, fix some bugs and allowed for community input on what to add. Im sure no one would have minded whether it took a month, two or even more if it meant getting a great version of Runique. Everyone has been hearing that we are getting raids for a long time and we havent had shit because we honestly need it ++++ more to bring Runique back to being such a great server because it has so much potential and in the current state no new players will give it a chance. Now you may be working on some of this behind the scenes but as me and many players have said there will be no players soon if there isn't something to bring Runique up. Another thing in this graphics, even upon release besides youtubers there was fuck all input. All advertisements on voting sites were old saying 400+ / 800+ players online which is bollocks and needed to be sorted before the release. There was no re branding or nothing to show a fresh re release and a lack of advertisement. Hoping this isn't a quick cash grab because would be sad if so. So to sum this up I and the majority of the community fucking love this server so plz We need something e.g raids to bring it the fuck up thanks for coming to my ted talk
  6. Kaizen

    There used to be a name changer where you paid a fee but idk how it would work now as forums and in game accounts are linked.
  7. Kaizen

    Bored so thought Id share my 2 favourite scenes in TV shows & Movies. Share yours plz
  8. Kaizen

    Proud of u son
  9. Kaizen

    I think they are fine, Like @Raven's idea tho
  10. Kaizen

    Agree with what @Tom Delonge said, would make the skill less terrible. Neat idea fam
  11. Kaizen

    Edit ----------------- Added Donator 99 stall Will add Ironman and HCI xp rates shortly
  12. Thieving Guide Credit to @ Deluxe Thieving is a skill that allows players to steal from stalls, chests and pick pocket NPC's There are two main ways that players train Thieving in Runique, this is by stealing from Stalls or NPC's. Stalls NPC'S There are two different NPC locations to train. Ardougne or Bandits which are in deep wilderness.
  13. Kaizen

    i agree with this old donner kebab man ere +1
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