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  1. hahahaha

    1. J W Kingsley
    2. Don Shaun

      Don Shaun

      juicy nigger tits

    3. J W Kingsley

      J W Kingsley

      LoL Shaun xD 

  2. Wtf is this stuff about being put in a peach

  3. It hurts

    1. J W Kingsley

      J W Kingsley

      "hugs Mock" I make it no hurt no more my cutie pie :* 

  4. The enthusiasm is great but you have literally no control of the situation.
  5. This server is like XXXTentacion. Still trying to make content when it's dead.

    1. J W Kingsley

      J W Kingsley

      You can talk bad about us if you like Mock. But There is content coming! Don't be such a party pooper


    2. Mock


      Nothing but respect for Deluxe. He's the only one I see making an effort. 

      I heard that Relex got a job so he's been gone for 2-3 months so he's useless.

  6. Mock

    holy shit insane gameplay
  7. Mock

    free my boy pke
  8. when was the last update

  9. Mock

    he's making the gyaldem go wild
  10. Mock

    server with the old hci = 800+ players. server with the new hci = 100 players peak. 🤔 numbers dont lie
  11. Mock

    Welcome to the gang
  12. Mock

    wag1 sorry u gotta deal with relex but all g i trust u
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