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  1. Mock

    holy shit insane gameplay
  2. Mock

    free my boy pke
  3. when was the last update

    1. Ak1r


      idk 3 yrs ago


    2. Wu Tang Klan
  4. Mock

    he's making the gyaldem go wild
  5. Mock

    server with the old hci = 800+ players. server with the new hci = 100 players peak. 🤔 numbers dont lie
  6. Mock

    Welcome to the gang
  7. Mock

    wag1 sorry u gotta deal with relex but all g i trust u
  8. I'm mock and i'm an idiot
  9. You could also just fund and run these events. Staff don't have to be involved. Have a staff member overlook the event but don't make them feel the need to host them. They already have enough they have to deal with. In my opinion, the server is past revival. It was fun while it lasted but it's hard to launch servers now that OSRS is booming.
  10. It's hard to create events when everybody signs up for them then only 15% of them show up. They then complain that they didn't get to be in the event. I know what's happening because it's the same thing that happened before the shutdown. The 'you would probably still be staff' comment wasn't necessary. I resigned from staff because I wasn't enjoying the things that I was seeing from my position. With how the server seems to be heading, I think I made the right decision to get on a life raft and not wait for the ship to sink. who r u
  11. This gave me cancer. 1. There already is a staff chat where ideas and suggestions are always being thrown around. The staff want to engage with the players but some of you are too fucking dumb to deal with. 2. Running a server costs a lot of money. The $800 per week that you pulled out of your ass wouldn't last more than a week. You have to pay developers a salary (idk if there are devs). You have to pay youtubers (not sure if they're here anymore). You have to pay for the actual server and for security shit. 3. Expanding marketing would be helpful, but it's not guaranteed. My suggestion would be to just unban me from discord and I'll boost the player count with my sick personality.
  12. Mock

    I walk around like that
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