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  1. Ragnar

    Gzz @Andrew, well deserved 🙂 Sad to see @Aether go, thank you for all your time and dedication
  2. Ragnar

    Love it, thanks for the update and keeping all of us informed 🤙🏼
  3. Ragnar

    9,500, that way I can say IT'S OVER NINE THOUSAND. Thank you for hosting
  4. Ragnar

    Congratulations to the winners! 1st place: @fishftw 2nd place: @Banish 3rd place: @Andrew Please PM me on discord or ingame when I'm online for your rewards Update: all parties have been paid.
  5. Ragnar

    Possibly >_>
  6. Ragnar

  7. Ragnar

    Hello everyone, Today I am going to be hosting a number guessing giveaway with 3 winners. First Place will receive 1x Chaotic Maul Second Place will receive 6x Dragon Boots Third Place receives 15m cash The numbers will be based off 1-100. Your first reply is your entree. (any extra replies as entrees with be disqualified) Winners will be announced Friday 9/27 Best of luck everyone!
  8. Ragnar

    Thanks @Don Shaun ❤
  9. Ragnar

    Thank you 🙂
  10. Ragnar

    Good luck everybody! Thank you for hosting this event ❤😀 @Wu Tang Klan
  11. Ragnar

    Yes customs can bring in a lot of money to the server, but personally I don't think Runique should have them. Just revamp the store items once a month (similar to what Tom said), and have some special promotions going on like bundles, and certain %'s off during Holidays.
  12. Ragnar

    I think Kuto has already applied, pretty sure he did before me at least. Could be wrong 😅 Thank you Connor
  13. Ragnar

    Thank you @Max Sad to see pke go 😞
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