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  1. lesbian 

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      People like lesbians at least 

  2. Kuto

    Staff update? More like a staff downdate : )
  3. Kuto

    Absolute charity case, Relex clearly felt bad. gz x
  4. Kuto

    I agree with tom, support but have them untradeable, maybe throw some more stuff into a mini store too like graceful etc
  5. Kuto

    Alot of these would benefit my gamemode too, lot of thought gone into this post. Support.
  6. So this is the second installment of how my banks going right now considering i've gained alot of stuff since my last post, plus a bit more info on my actual account too. This is the general worth of my bank that i've acquired myself (bar the trickster and the phat of course) through various drops and clues etc. I've got ALOT of clue stuff but i'm missing one piece here and there for sets so it's a big, unorganised mess at the moment but it's coming along nicely (I sold most of my duplicates.) And now for just the general info of my account thus far. I APOLOGISE FOR HOW POORLY STRUCTURED THIS POST IS BUT I DONT KNOW HOW TO USE SPOILERS L O L.
  7. Kuto

  8. Kuto

    Now that's weird, I even got a messaged explicitly telling me I could not use my titan vs other people, i was at wildywyrm at the time which is a multizone I'll test it out a bit more and send you what i got
  9. Kuto

    Special attack mb, should've specified and I think it's the same in reverse too, so a none-iron can't special attack me
  10. Kuto

    The next referral event we have, you know what to do : )
  11. Nice banner you weeb

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      Oi why you gotta come to MY profile and start outing me man

    2. Hexodious


      mines better

  12. This is a relatively small suggestion on some additions to wilderness PvM as I feel it could be more rewarding for both pvmers and pkers. 1. Krystillia Krystillia in OSRS, is a Slayer Master who only assigns things in the wilderness. For example, she could assign you skeletons but killing them outside of the wilderness would not grant you xp. I was thinking if she were to be added, she should be used for bosses only because currently, when the Captain of the Guard assigns you a wilderness boss, the quantity isn't very great so I think adding her to assign wilderness bosses with a greater quantity would give more of an incentive to kill the things nobody really bothers with like Vet'ion. Monsters assigned by her also have a chance to drop Mysterious Emblems, which we use here as bounty money. These next few additions will all tie in to the aforementioned suggestion about killing things that are not really killed in an attempt to make players want to kill them. 2. OSRS Revenant weapons. In OSRS, there are 3 weapons (and a trash amulet) in the respective three attack styles that deal immense damage to things in the wilderness and the best thing about them is that they stack with slayer helms. I was thinking to either have these added to Revenant's, or Vet'ion, Callisto, Venanatis and Scorpia as these are not really killed alot. These weapons do high amounts of damage and would probably be preferred over the weapons you'd use normally which would give the reason for use in itself. They require revenant ether to charge which revenants would obviously drop and would make wilderness slayer (if one of these weapons were to be obtained) very good xp. 3. Wilderness Keys When killing monsters whilst on a task from Krystillia, you have a chance to be dropped Larran's key. In RS, the main loots are just rune and other alchables and supplies. I think if we applied it to Runique those rewards wouldn't really cut it. A seperate table for these keys with a few things unique to that chest and that chest only would give great incentive to do these wilderness tasks thought I haven't thought of anything to go in there as of yet. Overall I think these three additions would tie in really well with eachother and add a lot more to the wilderness in terms of pvm and pking. EDIT: If this post gets enough credit i'll make a drop table for the Chest.
  13. One time for my #ts sisters

    One time for my #ts hoes


    R.I.P friends x

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