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  1. rip in pieces 

  2. Hci slayer update is sick, thanks for updates!
  3. Rytia

    Kuto has also just made a post regarding wilderness slayer: But yes, i also agree with you.
  4. Rytia

    I would definitely be down for this, would be an awesome addition.
  5. Rytia

    Its because HCI's cant make them.... We cant use the shop..................
  6. Rytia

    Needs fixed Flux! ;o Also would like to say congrats to all the promotions, you guys are putting in that work, keep it up!
  7. Rytia

    Easy to farm points yet HCI’s get slower points than everyone else for no reason what so ever lol...
  8. Rytia

    Can truly say, everyone of you guys deserved it! Do us proud!
  9. Rytia

    Nice work already man, much appreciated!
  10. Rytia

    Blessed by the RNG gods already. Noice
  11. Rytia

    This would be a nice addition, dont think it would be too much hassle to add either.
  12. Rytia

    Grats to you 3! Deserved.
  13. Rytia

    chicken dinna
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