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  1. Super thankful for these updates. This is a big list of a bunch of things the community wanted. Thanks!
  2. Thalles

    Awesome. Excited to see it in game 🙂
  3. Thalles

    Add functionality to the 'Fertile Soil' lunar spell; This would help out Iron men like you said - +1 Increase the number of feathers that regular chickens drop; I don't have an iron man, so i don't know the struggle. But this obviously won't hurt due to the fact they sell in stores anyways. +1 Ability to note regular player made overloads/extreme potions (1-4 dose); again - would help out iron men that use this feat. +1 Ability to combine other cape effects with the completionist cape and (t) version; examples Would be neat to have them all stack into one cape. maybe the fee increases each addition. I mean - you earned it right? +1 Remove unusable seeds from master farmer loot pool; This should have been a thing long ago. pickpocket a farmer for 28 types of seeds and can only use like 2. +1
  4. Thalles

    Probably put it on a screen showing what time the auction would start with bid buttons that say "+1m" and "+10m" and whenever you click a button, you can't click again until someone else bids. Neat Idea and would like to see this work out +1
  5. Thalles

    I don't even have a rock Golem, but i love customized things! +1 Support
  6. Thalles

    Like stated above, many people are on extreme game mode so 99's are a common thing. People tend to ask how much xp you have instead.
  7. Thalles

    Money Sinks are needed in RSPS to prevent inflation and to keep the economy running smoothly. One of the last RSPS I have played in, they had a Well of Goodwill. How that money sink worked, was players would toss in "X" amount of money to total up to "X" amount needed, for double XP. Could be 100m or 200m for an hour? Gives an incentive for people to drop in a couple M's now and then the server to get double XP. Pros: Big Money Sink for those who are richer, or slightly less rich individuals willing to donate for the server. Cons: Vote Tickets are used for double XP, and some would say that would impact negatively. But for those consistent players, after the DXP gained from the well is over - would have to resort to vote tickets anyways for more DXP. Have anything to add to this post? Comment below and I might add it on! Any suggestions helps! Thanks! EDIT : Move Well of Goodwill to ::Home
  8. No matter what log you cut for arrow shafts, you will always get 1x Arrow Shaft as a bonus. You'd have to fletch an enormous amount of logs for it to actually be added up. Suggestion? The Bonus to be "Log Dependant" and give variable shafts based on the log fletched. ( 1/3 the normal amount fletched ) Log - x15 ( Bonus x5 ) Oak - x30 ( Bonus x10 ) Willow - x45 ( Bonus x15 ) Maple - x60 ( Bonus x20 ) Yew - x75 ( Bonus x25 ) Magic - x90 ( Bonus x30 ) Thanks! EDIT: This would also be edited for smithing bolts (unf), and fletching feathers to them as well.
  9. Thalles

    Add "Hardwood Grove" to a teleport for Mahogany and Teak logs. "But Thalles - their's the sawmill where you can get both of those". Yes. But it offers 0 experience and you have to pay to get in. This option allows you to get Woodcutting xp along with furthering your construction xp down the road. Also allow the sawmill man to convert noted logs into planks (For an upcharge of 10%) for a further money sink and a faster way to get construction xp. Thanks
  10. Would be nice to see the ability to announce your total experience in a skill along with the level when you "shout". eg "I am currently level 99 in mining (132,321,321 xp)" Very small update, but it's nice to not have to manually type in the amount of xp you have in a skill everytime (Because 99's are so common on a RSPS) Thanks
  11. Thalles

    Down for Lava Drags. Just gotta be careful of you in the wild 🤡
  12. Good day! I went to go use Impious ashes on gilded altar from phoenix kills and i wasn't able to. Suggestion - Be able to use ashes from slain mobs on altars. Thanks!
  13. Thalles

    Good suggestions, including the smithing apprentice. ::dzone and ::dskills need some more features and i support these.
  14. Hats off to you for these great updates! Thank you!
  15. Thalles

    Excited to see what's to come on this server!
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