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Skilling Task Extension - Daily Skills - Golden Chinchompa

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Hello everyone,


@dev.pngLeviticus has been working on some suggestions that have been forwarded from our staff team to his todo list. He has gotten a bit more used to the framework and we should see a lot more coming from him at this point! I have been making progress on the pathfinding rework. I am currently testing out various PvM situations like big npcs.


  • The following skills have had master tasks added to them
    • Smithing
    • Agility
    • Thieving
    • Runecrafting
    • Herblore
    • Fletching
  • Daily Tasks can now have combat or skill requirements so that they are not assigned unless appropriate
  • A Golden Chinchompa pet has been added - it has a 10/10,000 chance of dropping when getting a normal chinchompa pet
  • Added a skill of the day which is different for each player
  • Added the ability to use Sacred clay hatchet - now gives a +50% XP boost, but degrades over usage
  • Corrected the animation for Gilded dragon pickaxe
  • Added the teleport spot for Hellhound Slayer tasks
  • Fixed issue with a different ourg bone not counting towards the bury ourg bone daily task



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Could you elaborate as to what the perks of Daily skills are? Also, is the golden chinchompa obtainable only when you find a new Baby chinchompa pet? 

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