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Draynor Demise - QoLs & Fixes

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Hello everyone,


We want to firstly apologize for the slow updates. My time has recently been taken up a lot by working on some of the difficult parts of the clipping system re-work and on top of that my new job IRL. We also want to inform that Leviticus/Josh is no longer a part of the team due to certain reasons. Deluxe has also taken some time to go through some of the suggestions and things in the todo list and has implemented what he could in this update.


Moving on to the patch notes:

  • Fixed scorpia and black unicorn tasks incorrect amount
  • Removed ability to accept or request a non-hci partner as an hci
  • Added daily task command alternative spelling (;;daily-task & ;;daily-skill)
  • Add tank event achievement
  • Allow achievement advance in POH
  • Familiar options ("interact" and "attack") should now be shown as right click options instead of left to avoid them being intrusive to gameplay
  • Fixed a bug with the Flame gloves causing a disconnection.
  • Fixing an issue with Lava titan not working correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with noted mahogany logs not being able to be exchanged for planks at the Sawmill.
  • Reduced Agility XP reward from 1.5K points to 500 points based on feedback.
  • Using a chisel on a Tanzanite and Magma mutagen will now give 5K Zulrah's scales and 5K Magma scale respectively.
  • H'ween chest adjustments based on given feedback (see full list of rewards at bottom of this post)
  • Enabled the Halloween Quest "Draynor Demise".
  • Fixed an issue with the Halloween diversion not spawning correctly.
  • Enabled H'ween chest keys being given from activities around Runique (Skilling, PvM, Agility, Slayer).
  • Fixed a typo with completing the "Win the weapons game 50 times" achievement.
  • Fixed an issue with the Anti-venom+ potions in the Herblore skilling task interface.
  • BM shop price adjustments:
    • Zaryte bow: 800 -> 350 BM
    • Trident of the Seas: 600 -> 125 BM
    • Staff of the Dead: 600 -> 150 BM
    • Vesta's chainbody: 175 -> 250 BM
    • Vesta's plateskirt: 175 -> 250 BM
    • Vesta's spear: 100 -> 125 BM
    • Vesta's longsword: 150 -> 175 BM
    • Bandos chestplate: 225 -> 175 BM
    • Bandos tassets: 250 -> 200 BM
    • Bandos boots: 200 -> 150 BM
    • Super combat potion(4): 5 -> 2 BM
  • Store changes:
    • Removed the previous items in the Limited items section
    • Crystal key added for 650 credits
    • Bone key added for 450 credits
    • H'ween key added for 850 credits


Bone chest:



5x Dragon bones
Zogre bones
Wyvern bones
8x Big bones
Ourg bones
Bone dagger
Bone dagger (p)
10x Purple sweets
10x Pink sweets

5x Wyvern bones
5x Zogre bones
5x Ourg bones
30x Purple sweets
30x Pink sweets
Bone dagger (p+)
Bone dagger (p++)
50x Bone bolts
Bone spear
Bone club
Witch top
Witch skirt
Witch cloak
Warlock top
Warlock legs
Warlock cloak
2x Frost dragon bones

6 different Ghost busters
Grim reaper hood
Death talisman staff
Skeleton set pieces


Hween chest:


50x Dragon bones
50x Dagannoth bones
50x Ourg bones
150x Raurg bones
100x Dragon bones
50x Dark crab
10x Anglerfish
5000x Death rune
5000x Blood rune
25x Mahogany planks
35x Rune bars
10x Uncut dragonstone
50x Shards of armadyl
100x Cannonballs
2x Magic seed
25x Frost dragon bones

Explorer backpack
Lesser demon mask
Greater demon mask
Black demon mask
Jungle demon mask
Cabbage round shield
Chompy bird
25K XP lamp
50K XP lamp
2x H'ween key

Black boxing gloves
Mummy's head
Mummy's body
Mummy's legs
Mummy's hands
Mummy's feet
Golden chef's hat
Team cape zero
Ankou gloves
Ankou socks
Gravedigger gloves
Gravedigger boots
Occult necklace
Undead zombie
Team cape (i)
Team cape (x)
Frying pan
100K XP lamp
Staff of the dead

Bloodhound (hween)
Web cloak
Superior scythe
Ankou mask
Ankou top
Ankou leggings
Gravedigger mask
Gravedigger top
Gravedigger leggings
Grim reaper jr
3rd age pickaxe
Doomcore staff

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