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Qols + Bug Fixes

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Hi all,


Make sure your clients are updated for some of these updates to work!


Patch notes from yesterday and today:

  • Fixing a bug with Rock golems causing them to disappear.
  • Updated the halloween chest for an interface.
  • Increased the amount of bones gained from the Grim chest.
  • Kruk monkey greegree now costs 7.5K PvM points instead of 20K.
  • Changed the text colour of messages where you gain h'ween keys to make it stand out.
  • The Halloween diversion will now be a safe death.
  • Added Arcane stream necklace's +15% magic damage bonus.
  • Fixed the fire torva platelegs not counting towards the max HP boost.
  • Buffed the Hexhunter bow's stats to be slightly better than the Zaryte bow.
  • With the proper bonus of the Arcane stream necklace being added, the cost of it from the Bounty hunter store has been increased to 150BM. The occult necklace has also been decreased to this price.
  • Adjusted the spawn location of Miner magnus in the Donator skilling zone.
  • Attempt to fix an issue with Playtime reward timer not being disabled after gaining all playtime rewards.
  • Demonic Gorillas slayer assignments are now considered special tasks and can now be assigned by the Captain.
  • The Zulrah teleport timer has been adjusted. This was previously 10 minutes for all non-ironmen players. It has now been changed for non-ironmen to 2 minutes while they are on a Zulrah slayer assignment, otherwise the 10 minute teleport timer is used.
  • Added a Prayer renewal potion timer. Toggleable at the Time sage.
  • Added a timer for Dragonfire shield 'operate' function. Toggleable at the Time sage.
  • You will now receive a warning message when you're on your last dfs charge & when you've ran out of charges.
  • The Prayer renewal potion messages informing the player of the amount of time remaining before its effect wears off are now more accurate.
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On 10/22/2019 at 4:13 AM, F0ckedyou said:

1 reply in 3 days, 50 online. Seems legit?

Yes because forums are always active right?

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