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Cape Guide (WIP)

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Capes, Their Stats, And How To Obtain Them

Skill Cape
Skill capes can be earned by achieving 99 in any skill - this can currently be achieved in all skills except dungeoneering. It can be bought from Max, who is found just south of Edgeville bank.


Max Cape
The Max Cape can be bought once all skills (except dungeoneering) have reached level 99 from Max.

Completionist Cape (Outdated)

The Completionist Cape is earned through reaching specific xp requirements which vary for each gamemode, and are as follows;

  • Extreme - 66.6m Xp
  • Legend - 50m Xp
  • Hardcore Ironman - 25m Xp
  • Ironman - 15m Xp
  • Immortal - 10m Xp
  • Grandmaster - 7.5m Xp

It also can be bought from Max.


Completionist Cape (T)
The Trimmed Completionist Cape is earned through meeting the Xp requirements for the regular Completionist Cape, however 100 achievements also need to be completed to be able to purchase it from Max.


True Mastery Cape
The Mastery Cape can be earned for all skills, and requires the player to firstly achieve 99 in the skill, they should then prestige the skill (through right clicking it, then choosing the 'prestige' option). This sets the level back to 1 and the Xp rate for this skill at x5, for all gamemodes. Following this, the skill needs to be trained further to reach level 120 (104,273,167 Xp). The cape can then be bought from Max.



  • Attack: No tokens required to enter cyclops' room in Warrior's guild
  • Strength: Overload potion increases +5 extra strength levels
  • Hitpoints: Health regenerates 50% faster
  • Ranged: Acts as ava's alerter
  • Prayer: Holy wrench effect (restores extra prayer points when drinking prayer potions)
  • Thieving: +12.5% thieving success
  • Slayer: 20% chance of receiving last task assignment
  • Woodcutting: 5% chance of obtaining 2 pieces of wood during a single cut
  • Mining: When mining fallen stars, 2 dust is collected each mine rather than 1
  • Cooking: 0% burn probability (never burn any food)
  • Summoning: All charms dropped turn straight into xp


Fire Cape
The Fire Cape can be earned by killing TzTok-Jad, through Teleports>Minigames>Fight Caves. A low level guide can be found here .


The TokHaar-Kal cape can be bought with 200k Tokkul at TzHaar-Hur-Tel (the store) in the fight caves, how to get there can be found above.


As well as the above stated way, the TokHaar-Kal can also be earned through gambling Fire Capes, through talking to the TzHaar-Hur-Tel NPC. Doing so brings up the options below.


Wilderness Cape
The Wilderness Cape can be bought in the Blood Money Store, by the ::edge teleport. It can be earned by spending 5000 BM points, with a secondary requirement of having defeated 250 opponents in the wilderness.


There are 4 different effects that can be utilised for the Wilderness Cape, as shown below.


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Very useful guide for me as I had completely forgot about the true skill mastery cape perks. Thanks for the guide, Dan! 

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