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Discord Trivia - QoL - Bug Fix

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Hi all,


Small update for things I worked on today which consists of the following:

  • Ironmen will now be able to receive 20% additional exp while inside the Wilderness resource area. They will however keep the restriction of not being able to benefit from the exp boost from brawler gloves.
  • Attempt to fix an issue where rollbacks would sometimes occur leading to items lost on GE while restarting/updating the server.
  • Fixed an issue where you would be able to drink a dose of overdose while an existing overload effect still had a minute remaining until it was to wear off.
  • Ardougne cloaks will no longer cost additional achievement points. Note that you will still be required to complete achievements in order to unlock/purchase them.
  • Reverted the merge that was done with Pikkupstix's shops as certain items in his shop kept getting bugged randomly.
  • Fixed the "Account recovery" section not redirecting to the correct link.
  • Enabled the Discord Trivia bot which we previously had. For those unfamiliar:
    • A trivia message is sent every 15-60 minutes in the #trivia channel on Discord
    • You can answer the trivia question by using ;;trivia [answer]
    • The first player to answer with the correct answer will receive a reward (see list below) and a trivia point
    • Trivia points can be spent on titles by using ;;trivia-title
    • If anyone has any questions they'd like to see added to the trivia, do create suggestion threads and we'll be sure to add them


Discord trivia rewards with the chance of receiving it:


Mystery box x1 (1/1)

Store credits (9.500 credits) x1 (1/3000)
Ornate katana x1 (1/3000)
Green skin x1 (1/2000)
Coins x100,000,000 (1/1000)
Shards of armadyl x100 (1/750)
Dragon key x5 (1/500)
Mega-phonus x1 (1/500)
Coin gamble ticket x5 (1/250)
Coins x50,000,000 (1/250)
Barrows - dharok's set x1 (1/250)
Antique lamp x1 (1/250)
Ourg bones x50 (1/200)
Armadyl godsword x1 (1/150)
Barrows - karil's set x1 (1/125)
Zul-andra Teleport x5 (1/125)
Antique lamp x1 (1/125)
Crystal key x5 (1/100)
Dragon key x1 (1/100)
Barrows - verac's set x1 (1/100)
Tokkul x100,000 (1/75)
Coins x25,000,000 (1/75)
Abyssal whip x1 (1/75)
Antique lamp x1 (1/50)
Dragon bones x100 (1/50)
Barrows - ahrim's set x1 (1/50)
Barrows - guthan's set x1 (1/50)
Dragon bones x50 (1/25)
Vote Ticket x1 (1/25)
Mystery Box x1 (1/25)
100 Pest control points (1/25)
1 Achievement point (1/25)
Coin gamble ticket x1 (1/20)
15K Loyalty points (1/20)
Crystal key x1 (1/20)
Fury shark x5 (1/15)
Tiger shark x5 (1/15)
Coins x10,000,000 (1/10)
Coins x5,000,000 (1/5)

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