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Christmas Quests - Makeover Mage QoL

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Hi all,


The following changes have been made with tonights update:

  • Enabled the "Queasy Rudolph" and "Melvin's Cat" quests. These will be enabled for the duration of this month.
  • Enabled the Christmas Diversion.
    • Jack Frost and his minions will appear every 30 minutes.
    • Participants will receive DXP and a Candy cane which has an AGS & Dragon Claws special attack.
  • Added Christmas crates at Edgeville and Varrock. These can be opened using Christmas keys for rewards (see below).
  • Christmas keys will now be rewarded when skilling, during agility, pvming or when completing slayer assignments. Alternatively, they can be purchased from the ;;store for 850 credits.
  • Fixing DC issue with snowball challenging.
  • Fixing a visual bug when you ran out of snowballs and it would bug the equipment tab.
  • Using the Makeover mage will no longer reset your custom skin colour as it seemed to be something done unintentionally by players.
  • Added an additional dialogue to Makeover mage for players to reset their custom skin.


Christmas Box Rewards:



500x raw rocktail
65x raw dark crab
25x raw anglerfish
30x raw karambwan
35x frost dragon bones
65x snowballs
50x ice arrow

2x Xmas key
Icicle crown
Barbarian snowman hat
Dragon snowman hat
Dwarf snowman hat
Pirate snowman hat
Christmas ghost hood
Christmas ghost top
Christmas ghost bottom
Golden cracker
Pink candy cane dye
Purple candy cane dye
Blue candy cane dye
Green candy cane dye
Yellow candy cane dye
Orange candy cane dye

Very Rare:
Golden hammer
Snow ranger
Snow warrior
Snow mage
Santa hat
Black santa hat
Santa claus jr.
Holiday scythe

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