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J W Kingsley

Selling Donation tickets 9500 aka 10$

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I have a hand full of 9500 tickets if you would like some the starting bid on them is 1b per 10$ ticket. Only Gold transactions. These are for players who need to rank up and would like to use the ;;yell command in game to say hello and be active etc.


As of today at 7:00am I have 10 to give away. You can respond to this post here or join the discord and pop in game and just find me or @superdonor.pngJ W Kingsley In the discord so i can come online to sell you a 10$ ticket which is 9500 store credits 🙂 


Thank you again for all your support for the community and stay tuned for In game fun!!! We are just getting started this week. ❤️ 






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