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If you achieve 200m in a skill it would be a nice perk to not get it as a daily anymore. getting daily in a skill you already capped at kinda sucks


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While your suggestion makes sense and would be a nice QOL update for the players, I think leaving it as-is would be more beneficial for the economy as resetting daily skills is one of the biggest money sinks we have in the game. I know money tends to be harder to come by for HCIs, but the change would likely have to be made for all players.


I dont support this exact idea at the moment, but I can see this being an issue in the future when players have 200m xp in multiple skills.


My counter-suggestion to this is to make it so we cannot receive the same daily skill twice within a given server day (resets at midnight server time). This may very well be even worse for the economy in the short-run, but in the long-run, when many players have many 200m xp skills, it will at least continue taking money out of the game. This would also solve the problem of players receiving the same daily skill twice in a row, capping players at 240m per day if they were to skip every single skill.

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